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Washington, D.C.

  • Note commas, spacing and periods.
  • Never abbreviate as “Wash.”(AP)

Web site

  • Note capitalized “w” and single space between words <The College of the Arts Web sit>e.
  • When listing a Web site address, do not include the “http://” prefix, unless the website does not have a “www” prefix.
  • Web sites are written in roman type without underlining, quotation marks, brackets or parentheses.
  • Avoid capitalizing any part of the web address.
  • For a line break, separate the link immediately after a “/” <Visit our website at www.kennesaw.edu/arts.>. (AP)  

Web site titles

  • Capitalize but do not enclose in quotation marks <Ticketing information can be found on the College of the Arts Web site.>. (CMS)


  • Note lack of capitalization and compound word. (AP)

Web page

  • Note capitalized “w” and single space between words. (AP)

who, whom

  • “Who” is used when the pronoun is the subject of the clause.
  • “Whom” is used when the pronoun is the object of a clause <Professor of Piano David Watkins, who is also an International Steinway Artist, will be participating in the concert. The professor to whom she spoke was very understanding.>. (AP)

who’s, whose

  • “Who’s” is a contraction for “who is.”
  • “Whose” is the possessive form <Who’s attending the Saturday night production? Whose book is this?> (AP)

workshop title

  • Capitalize and enclose in quotation marks.
  • See also composition titles. (NYT)

World War I, World War II

  • Never the First or Second World War.

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