Dress Code
BLACK Dress pants
White Collared Dress Shirt
Black Dress Shoes ONLY

BLACK Dress Skirt, Dress Pants or Dress
White collared dress blouse with sleeves
Closed toe, black dress shoes ONLY

Option: An appropriate White or Black sweater may be worn in addition to the above Usher attire. NO SNEAKERS/TENNIS SHOES, SANDALS OR OPEN- TOE STYLE SHOES. NO JEANS MATERIAL CLOTHING& NO VISIBLE FACIAL PIERCINGS.

Volunteer Usher Guide

1. Auditorium regulations:
No back packs, food, drinks, or smoking allowed in the auditorium.
All cell phones & pagers must be turned off.
All cameras, recording devices & laptops are not allowed.

2. Auditorium layout:
Please see seating charts for the Bailey Center Performance Hall and the Stillwell Theater.

3. Usher Assignments
Ticket takers
* Are positioned at doors of the auditorium.
* Will remove ticket admission stubs from all tickets.
* Will professionally greet all patrons entering the auditorium.
* Will assist the House Manager as needed

Program ushers
* Are positioned right inside the doors.
* Will professionally greet all patrons while handing out programs.
* Will assist the seating ushers as needed.
* Will assist the House Manager as needed.

Seating ushers
* Are positioned at main seating sections within the auditorium.
* Will assist patrons to their proper seat locations.
* Will be assigned to the emergency exit door during the entire performance.
* Will assist the House Manager as needed.

  1. You are to arrive in proper dress code for training at 6:45 p.m. for 8:00 p.m. events, 12:45 p.m. for 2:00 matinees and 1:45 p.m. for 3:00 matinees.
  2. Ushers are to check their belongings with a box office personnel member.
  3. House opens 30 minutes before the scheduled curtain time.
  4. The House Doors will open only when the House Manager unlocks the doors. You are not to open the House Doors unless instructed by the House Manager.
  5. As an usher you are expected to stay throughout the entire show to receive both ticket & credit.
  6. All ushers are required to check the House before the doors open.
  7. All ushers are to be standing just inside the main auditorium doors to assist patrons when leaving and returning to the auditorium during the performance, intermission and at the end of the performance.
  8. The House Manager and/or Box Office Manager will dismiss you at the proper closing time.
  9. If you and/or a patron are having any difficulties, please notify the House Manager and/or other box office personnel immediately.
IF YOU MUST CANCEL PLEASE EMAIL boxoffice@kennesaw.edu at least 24 hrs prior to the event.

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