The A.L. Burruss Institute serves as a resource for students by providing high quality internships that teach real world skills. Just off campus, the Burruss Institute offers a great work environment conducive to learning. Close proximity to campus make the Burruss Institute ideal for students who live on campus. Internships can often be completed while students are enrolled in other classes.

Routinely working with state and local agencies, the Burruss Institute provides professional assistance in the areas of research design, survey construction, methodology, technical and statistical analyses, and teaching and training.

An Intern's role would be to assist in the completion of projects and general office duties. The type of work that is required depends largely on the intern's skills. A typical intern would assist in general office duties (i.e. copying, answering phones, updating the website, etc...), learn to use SPSS at a basic level, manage and analyze a dataset, and write a technical report. Often intern's duties at the Burruss Institute will satisfy their department's requirements for completion of an internship.

To apply for an internship, please click here and follow the instructions.