Faculty Fellows
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Lynn Boettler, MA
2012-2014 Faculty Fellow for Community Engagement
Assistant Professor of First-Year Programs
email: lboettle@kennesaw.edu

Lynn Boettler has over 25 years experience in higher education and a diverse background of professional work that blends teaching, faculty, staff, and student development, curriculum design, and program advancement. Currently in her eighth year of teaching in the Department of First-Year Programs, Professor Boettler designed and teaches the First-Year Seminar entitled “Be the Change,” one of three options students have for completing their institutional requirement at KSU. In the course, students investigate a problem, find supporting evidence of the problem’s scope on global, national, regional, and local levels, and offer solutions that culminate in a final community project where academic and life skills relevant to multiple disciplines and careers are applied. Through these community-based learning projects that are the hallmark of Professor Boettler’s classes, in the past seven years, her first-year students have generated over 100 projects, connecting with 60 different community organizations, and raised over $9,100 for various causes.

In addition, Professor Boettler has facilitated numerous faculty development workshops ranging on topics from motivational teaching, learning communities, diversity, assessment techniques, and philosophies of teaching. She co-authored the monograph, Serving the Common Good: Ethical Leadership through Building Relationships - A Developmental Model, and her work also appears in Getting Culture: Best Practices for Teaching Diversity Across the Curriculum. Her educational background is interdisciplinary and includes an MA in Counseling from Truman State University and extensive graduate work in both Education and English from the University of Tennessee and Georgia State University, respectively.

Having led and participated in a number of scholarly endeavors involving partnerships with faculty colleagues across campus and at other institutions, she hopes to continue to foster these types of relationships in building faculty development opportunities around community engagement through the CETL fellowship.

Stephen Braden

Stephen W. Braden , Ph.D.
2012-2014 Faculty Fellow for Adjunct Faculty Support
email: sbraden1@kennesaw.edu

Stephen W. Braden, Ph.D., a former political consultant and a certified EEOC Conflict Mediator (inactive), has more than 20 years of teaching experience in higher education. Dr. Braden earned his BS in Socio-Political Communication and his MA in Communication from Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University). He earned his doctorate in Rhetoric and Public address from the Department of Speech Communication at Louisiana State University. He has received teaching honors at the institutional, association and international levels. Dr. Braden was the Basic Course Director in the Department of Communication at Georgia State University prior to coming to Kennesaw State University.

Dr. Braden began his career at KSU in August 2004; in the summer of 2007, he was appointed Director of First-Year Seminars in the Department of First-Year Programs. His primary duties have been recruiting, training, and supporting adjunct faculty and assessing their effectiveness. He is his department's Faculty Senate representative and is currently on the Senate's Executive Committee. Dr. Braden is a former University System of Georgia Seven Revolutions Scholar and was a co-developer of the topic-specific first-year seminar course KSU 1111, Tomorrow's World Today. He is the co-author of The Speaker: The Tradition and Practice of Public Speaking (2nd ed.), and has co-authored a communication textbook that is to be published in late summer 2012.

Dr. Braden will apply his knowledge and expertise in working with, training, and assessing adjunct faculty in performing his CETL duties for the next two years. He is looking forward to working with adjunct faculty and academic units across campus while continuing in his role as Director of First-Year Seminars.

Diana Gregory, Ph.D.
2012-2014 Faculty Fellow for Creativity and Innovation
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of
Art Education
email: dgregory@kennesaw.edu

Diana Gregory received a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, a MEd in Interrelated Special Education from North Georgia College and State University, and a MS and PhD in Art Education from Florida State University. In 2006, she joined Kennesaw State University as a full-time faculty member serving as program coordinator in the art education program. As an artist, she has exhibited paintings and prints across the country and her recent published art works include “Resting in the Darkness” and “Falling Apart” in Susanne Fincher’s (2009) The mandala workbook: A creative guide for self-exploration, balance, and well-being and Babes in Croneland, a performance presentation at the Seen + Heard Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. A former botanical illustrator and graphic artist, she has conducted workshops and presented lectures nationally concerning the post modern context of creativity. Her research interests include the elements and assessment of creativity in multiple disciplines, aging and creativity, and creativity across the life span.

Her professional training in art therapy has guided her work with children with exceptionalities and adults and children with traumatic brain injury. She has taught in a variety of settings including art galleries, school systems, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. Dr. Gregory received the Southeastern National Art Education Association Higher Education Teacher of the Year Award in 2009 and served as chair for Creativity Everyday, the 2011 Georgia Art Education Association Fall Professional Learning Conference. Dr. Gregory is a member of several organizations including the Georgia Art Therapy Association, the American Art Therapy Association, the Georgia Art Education Association and the National Art Education Association.



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