Distinguished Professor

2004-2011 Recipients of the

KSU Foundation Distinguished Professor Award

Sponsored by the KSU Foundation

KSU Distinguished Professor Recipient Oral History Project
In collaboration with CETL and the College of the Humanities & Social Sciences, the KSU Oral History Project is collecting Oral Histories from all past recipients of the KSU Distinguished Professor, Teaching, Scholarship, and Service Awards and the Preston Community Leadership Award. The interviews are conducted by Drs. Tom Scott and Dede Yow, with transcript editing and indexing assistance by KSU students Mr. Josh Dix, Ms. Jan Heidrich-Rice, and Ms. Susan Batungbacal. Currently available oral histories can be accessed by the "Oral History" link next to a recipient's picture.

Karen Robinson
Associate Professor of Theater

Karen Robinson Oral History

Katherine N. Kinnick

Katherine N. Kinnick
Professor of Communication and Director of KSU’s Pre-college Programs

Katherine N. Kinnick Oral History


Mary L. Garner
Professor of Mathematics

Mary Garner Oral History



Thomas A. Scott
Professor of History

Tom Scott Oral History



Dana R. Hermanson
Professor of Accounting

Dana Hermanson Oral History



1 2006
Pam B. Cole
Professor of Middle Grades English Education

Pam Cole Oral History


Mitchell A. Collins
Professor of Health, Physical Education & Sport Science
Mitchell Collins Oral History

1 2004
Sarah R. Robbins
Professor of English and English Education

Sarah Robbins Oral History
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