Selection Process for Dist. Professor

Selection Process and Timeline for
2013 KSU Foundation Distinguished Professor

Award Overview Award Eligibility Award Criteria Selection Process Timeline

Award Overview

The title of KSU Foundation Distinguished Professor is conferred annually on a single faculty member who exhibits excellence in all three areas of teaching, scholarship, and professional service and has received national or international recognition for his or her contributions. This award is distinguished from those that recognize excellence in a single area (i.e., teaching, scholarship, or professional service). The KSU Foundation will give the KSU Foundation Distinguished Professor recipient a $8,500 cash award and an additional $8,500 stipend to use for professional travel, supplies, research, etc. The recipient holds the title for the academic year following his or her selection.

Award Eligibility

  1. Nominees must be a full-time KSU faculty member, hold the rank of associate or full professor, be tenured, and have completed at least seven consecutive years as a full-time member of the KSU faculty at the time of her/his nomination.
  2. If a college nominee is not selected in a particular year, the college may elect to resubmit the same nominee in subsequent years.
  3. Past recipients of the KSU Foundation Distinguished Professor award are not eligible.
  4. The award will be presented during the 2013 opening of university faculty meeting. The recipient must be under contract at KSU at the time the award is presented in order to receive any part of the award.

Nomination and Selection Process

Each college will design its own process for identifying and selecting potential nominees for the KSU Foundation Distinguished Professor Award. Each college can submit only one nominee for the award. A specially appointed committee will complete the portfolio review and select the KSU Foundation Distinguished Professor using the criteria outlined below. The KSU Provost or her/his designee will appoint the committee. The committee should include a senior, tenured faculty member from each college, a representative from the KSU Foundation, and one external reviewer who is a tenured senior faculty member at a 4-year institution similar to KSU.

2013 Time Frame for Nomination and Selection

Early March 2013: College nominee selected.
April 22, 2013: College forwards PDF of the nominee's application portfolio to the Faculty Awards Application Portal.
June 30, 2013: Selection committee forwards recommendations for recipient to the KSU President and Provost.
June 30, 2013: Recipient announced at the 2013 Fall Opening of University faculty meeting.


Criteria and Application Portfolio for Award Selection at College and University Levels

To be given serious consideration for the KSU Foundation Distinguished Professor Award, a nominee must have demonstrated distinguished achievement in teaching, scholarship, and professional service, both separately and in an integrative manner, and must have been awarded formal and documented recognition in his or her area of academic specialization on a national or international level. Although extraordinary performance in only one of these three areas may be present, no nominee will be selected who has not also demonstrated distinguished performance in the other two areas.

The portfolio must include:

  1. A written statement, of no more than five single-spaced pages, summarizing evidence that supports and documents the nominee's recognized excellence and impact in teaching, research and creative activity, and professional service and also explicitly addresses how the nominee integrates his or her accomplishments in teaching, research and creative activity, and professional service;
  2. The nominee's vita; and
  3. An appendix consisting of no more than six (6) letters of support from past or present colleagues or students. It is strongly recommended that candidates include support letters from professional colleagues external to KSU.

Suggestions for Application Narrative Content
When discussing teaching consider addressing student and peer evaluations of classroom teaching (these may also be addressed in support letters); peer evaluation of instructional materials (again, can be also addressed in support letters); evidence of innovative curriculum, methods, and technologies (may be addressed in support letters and/or reference to publications and presentations); and KSU and external recognitions for outstanding teaching (e.g., awards, invitations to conduct workshops or make presentations).
Research & Creative Activity:
Nominees should have developed a substantial body of research or creative activity in their area of academic specialization. A nominee's research or creative activity may be collaborative, but his or her contribution must be clear and substantial. The research or creative activity may include refereed and invited publications, grants for the support of research or creative activity, invited and contributed presentations, exhibitions of creative work, inventions and patents, published software, etc. Further, the impact of the research or creative activity at a national or international level must be documented (e.g., awards, invited conference presentations or exhibitions, evidence of citations of and references to the nominee's work by others, colleague support letters).
Professional Service:
Professional service must evidence breadth beyond simply campus-based service. Professional service might include some combination of long-term institutional contributions and leadership at the departmental, college, and university-wide levels as well as professional service at the national or international level (e.g., holding offices in professional organizations, editing national and/or international journals, reviewing for professional journals, participation on committees in professional organizations, or volunteer work directly related to one's professional expertise). Nominees should document the impact and innovations of professional service at the institutional and national or international level (e.g., new policies or procedures adopted by a professional organization or their department, college, or institutionally; development of new programs such as conferences or workshops, including evidence of their success).
Integration of Teaching, Research or Creative Activity, and Professional Service:
The nominee must address the innovative ways that he or she integrates teaching, research or creative activity, and professional service into his or her overall performance as a distinguished professor at the senior rank. Specific examples that illustrate such integration should be referenced in the narrative or colleague support letters (e.g., publications, materials that are developed and used for research or creative activity, teaching, and service). For example, a nominee may have adapted and incorporated information originally developed through his or her research or creative activity into both classroom teaching (e.g., an instructional module) and professional service (e.g., presentations to community or professional groups, consultation).

Application Submission Instructions
A single electronic copy (PDF only) of the entire portfolio must be submitted through the FDAC Faculty Awards Application Portal by 5:00pm on Monday, April 22, 2013.  It is the responsibility of the individual submitting the proposal to ascertain that the proposal materials are complete when submitted (all documents requested are included; no materials missing; correct formatting).  The selection committee does not consider late applications, incomplete applications, or applications that do not adhere to the university-wide guidelines for length and formatting described above.

Submission Instructions:

  1. Go to the following link for the FDAC Faculty Awards Application Portal:
  2. Enter your NetID and Password
  3. Complete the requested information.  This information is to be completed by the person submitting the application.
  4. Select the funding category for which you are applying in the dropdown menu.
  5. Using “Browse,” select the file to be uploaded and then click :upload.”  Remember that the entire application must be submitted as a single PDF file that includes all of the content described above in the order that it is listed.  Please name the single PDF file as follows for easy tracking: “lastname-firstname of nominee,” distinguished professor app.
  6. Click “Save” and you are done.
  7. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt within 24 hours.  If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, you should immediately follow up in case there was an “electronic glitch.” It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the proposal was received by the deadline.   

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