Scholarship of Teaching & Learning


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Team Funding Awards
(2003 through 2010)

Past Recipients with Links to Project Descriptions

Annually from 2003 through 2010, CETL offered several funding awards for participants in its Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Team (STLT) initiative. Based upon a successful program at Portland State University, STLT was designed to help facilitate and recognize faculty endeavors to do research on teaching and learning as it occurs in higher education settings including, but not limited to, research on student learning designed to meet KSU's strategic initiatives (e.g., Assurance of Learning, global learning, diversity, online course delivery, undergraduate research).. Although participants worked autonomously on their project, they also attended several team meetings to advance their own research through discussion, problem solving, and the sharing of ideas. Through a community of scholars, this interdisciplinary approach to research both facilitated research and helped keep projects on track through collegial support and encouragement. Benefits of the program included: team support, resource and technical support, and travel support for presentations at professional meetings.

In Fall 2012, CETL reconfigured this program into a CETL-sponsored faculty learning community on the scholarship of teaching and learning. For more information on the new program, visit the faculty learning community site.

Several r
ecipients of the 2007-2009 STLT Funding Awards presented posters at the 2008 Georgia Conference for College & University Teaching

Recipients of STLT Funding Awards


Thomas Doleys (Political Science and International Affairs)
"Is Anyone Listening?" Assessing Political Science Faculty Engagement with SoTL Scholarship

April Munson, Sandra Bird, Rick Garner, and Diana Gregory (Visual Arts)
Developing a Quality Educational Program of the MAT in Art Education

Vanessa Robinson-Dooley (Human Services and Social Work)
A Pre- and Posttest Review of College Students' Attitudes about Cultural Diversity

Adrienne Williamson and Pam Marek (Psychology)
Captivating Students with Statistics


Diana Gregory, Valerie Dibble, April Munson, Jeanne Sperry (Visual Arts) 
Dean Adams, Margaret Baldwin (Theatre and Performance Studies)
Alison Mann (Music)
Creativity: Essential Elements & Assessment

Deborah Mixson-Brookshire, Ruth A. Goldfine (First-Year Programs)
Assessing the Effectiveness of Hybrid and Online First-Year Seminar Courses

Nancy Hoalst Pullen (Geography & Anthropology) 
James Hegler (Student)
Hands-on Cartographic Skills: Creating a KSU Campus Walking Tree Tour Map

Ikechukwu Ukeje, Ethel King-McKenzie (Elementary and Early Childhood Education)
Impact of EECE Faculty Exchange Program in Meeting QEP Goals


Teresa Banker (Mathematics Education)
Teaching Strategies Impacting the Learning of Mathematics

Kadian M. Callahan, Tad Watanabe, and Amy F. Hillen (Mathematics & Statistics)
Exploring Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Learning in Mathematics Content Course Sequence: Developing Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching and Mathematical Power

Elizabeth Giddens, Jeff Cebulski, Laura Dabundo, Oumar Cherif Diop, Steve Hagin, & Katherine Mason (English)
PEER: Project for Encouraging Excellence through Review

Binbin Jiang, Mary Chandler, Judith Patterson, & Tak Cheung Chan (Education Leadership)
A Comparison of the Traditional Approach and the Embedded Approach to Educational Leadership Practicum Experiences

Elke M. Leeds, Radwan Ali, Hope Baker, Dorothy Brawley, Stacey Campbell, & John Crisp (School of Accountancy)
Fostering Student Retention in Online Learning Programs


Darina Lepadatu, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Diversity in the Classroom: International Faculty and Student Learning

Scott Lewis and Janet Shaw, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Understanding Factors that Effect General Chemistry Performance

Corinne L. McNamara, Department of Psychology, and Lisa Samples, Student
Incorporating Small Group Activities in a Large Classroom Setting: Do they work?

Sabine H. Smith, Luc Guglielmi, & Kristin Hoyt, Department of Foreign Languages
KSU Undergraduates Facilitate After-School Foreign Language Programs

Dr. Viakinnou-Brinson, Department of Foreign Languages
Traditional versus modern forms of input enhancement: The effect of PowerPoint presentations and paired lists on the vocabulary recall performance of elementary level French students

Chong-wei Xu, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
Learning Network Programming via Gaming

Guichun Zong, Department of Secondary and Middle Grades Education
Improving Preservice Teachers' Understanding of Global Education through Technology


Keisha Hoerrner, Associate Professor of Communication; Amy Buddie, Assistant Professor of Psychology; Emily Holler, Instructor of Speech Communication; Ruth Goldfine, Assistant Professor of University Studies; Nancy Prochaska, Associate Professor of Management; & Brian Wooten, Director, Center for Student Leadership and Instructor of University Studies
Assessing Interdisciplinary Learning in Learning Communities

Binbin Jiang, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership; Tak Cheung Chan, Professor of Educational Leadership; & Judy Patterson, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
Examining Graduate’s performance: An Approach to Improve the Educational LeadeRship Program

Catherine Lewis, Associate Professor of History & Women’s Studies
Race, Politics, and Memory: The Desegregation of Little Rock’s CentralHigh School, A Brief History with Documents

Deborah Mixson-Brookshire, Instructor of University Studies & Wes Riddle, Coordinator of the Center of Student Leadership
Innovative Teaching: Utlizing Experiential Education in First-Year Courses

Margaret B. Walters, Assistant Professor of English; Elizabeth Giddens, Associate Professor of English; & Gordana Goudie, Graduate Research Assistant MAPW Program
Using Research to Assess Student Learning for Curricular Design: A Study of Student Writing Success

Damien Yaghi, Assistant Professor of Public Administration
Policy Awareness and Public Participation: Students’ Attitudinal Survey


Miriam Boeri, Assistant Professor of Sociology
The Capstone Class: Designing a Research Project with Undergraduates

Martha Bowden, Associate Professor of English; David King, Assistant Professor of English; Mike Tierce, Associate Professor of English; Sarah Robbins, Professor of English and English Education; & Margaret Walters, Assistant Professor of English
Study of English Studies and the English Major

Elizabeth Giddens, Associate Professor of English; Margaret Walters, Assistant Professor of English; & Susan M. Hunter, Professor of English (Clayton State University)
A Study of Knowledge Domains and Habits of Mind that Lead to Student Success in Writing

Jeffrey L. Helms, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Increasing Student Familiarity with the Psychology Faculty

Christopher K. Randall, Associate Professor of Psychology
Using Evolutionary Psychology as a Framework to Enhance Learning and Critical Thinking in General Psychology

Eric J. Tubbs, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership & Tak Chenug Chan, Professor of Educational Leadership
Best Practices of Educational Leadership Practicum Experiences in Georgia


Tak Cheung Chan, Professor of Education
Fostering Diversity in Teaching and Learning in Educational Leadership Programs

Elizabeth Giddens, Associate Professor of English; Susan Hunter, Professor of English; and Margaret Walters, Assistant Professor of English
Professional Writing Students' Perceptions of their Career Success

Jeffrey L. Helms, Assistant Professor of Psychology & Christine B. Ziegler, Professor of Psychology
Formative Evaluation of an Undergraduate Computer Laboratory for Psychology Majors

Lucia Kamm-Steigelman, Associate Professor of Nursing & Regina Dorman, Professor of Nursing
Teaching and Learning Using Brain Hemisphericity, Personality Types and Learning Styles with Graduate Nursing Students

Ikechukwu Ukeje, Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education & Ronghua Ouyang, Professor of Educational Technology
Impact of Graduate Program on Classroom Management and Teacher Stress

Dera Weaver, Assistant Professor of Reading & Middle Grades Education
Exploring the Reading Odyssey Project with Preservice Literacy Teachers

Chong-wei Xu, Professor of Computer Science
Developing Visual Teaching Tools Using JavaBeans and Multithreading


Harriett Bessette, Assistant Professor of Special Education
Seeing the Big Picture: Facilitating Teacher reflection Through Students' Drawings

Toby Emert, Assistant Professor of English and English Education and Sheridan Evans, Jacob Johnston, Melissa Robinson, and Linda Turner, English Education Students in English 3309: Principles of Teaching Writing
Sharing and Responding: the Effects of Small Group Response Teams on the Writing Projects of English Teachers-in-Training

Janice B. Flynn, Associate Professor of Nursing; Lois R. Robley, Associate Professor of Nursing; Christina D. Horne, Professor of Nursing; & Beverly J. Farnsworth, Professor of Nursing
Detractors of Online Learning with Suggested Correctives: A Qualitative Study

Maudine Jefferson, Associate Professor of Elementary Education
Does the National Boards Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Professional Development Empower Urban Third Grade Teachers to Increase Their Students' Reading Achievement By Integrating NBPTS into Their Language Arts Instruction?

Marina Koether, Associate Professor of Chemistry
An Interactive Lecture on Plagiarism

Harry J. Lasher, Professor of Management & George Manners, Professor of Accounting and Management
Evaluating Long-Term Effectiveness of Team Taught, Integrated Graduate Foundation Business Courses

Lisa Lyon, Assistant Professor of Communication; Keisha Hoerrner, Assistant Professor of Communication; and Rebecca Long, Student
Working Toward Gender Equity? Institutional Support Mechanisms for Female Communication Faculty

Ikechukwu Ukeje, Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education & Ronghua Ouyang, Professor of Educational Technology
In-Service Teacher Training: A Pilot Study of On-Site, On-Line and On-Campus Approach

Ginny Q. Zhan, Assistant Professor of Psychology & Julia Morrissey, Assistant Professor of English
Enhancing Student Learning Through Cross-Cultural Communication: A New Tandem Relationship Between Two Courses

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