Tenured Faculty Vitality Funds

Fiscal Year 2014 Tenured Faculty Sabbaticals (Educational & Professional Leaves)


The deadline for receipt of sabbatical proposals for Fall 2013
or Spring 2014 is tuesday, January 22, 2013.
Please Submit Your Completed Application Here

All Applications must be submitted online in PDF format

A complete description of the Sabbatical Program, including application materials and criteria,is available at this link


List of Previous Recipients and Their Project Abstracts


Given workload demands and other campus obligations, KSU faculty have limited time to advance their educational and professional development through research, scholarly and creative activity, instructional improvement or retraining. This competitive award program, funded by the President and Provost, is intended to provide funding to assist tenured faculty in devoting an entire semester to foster their educational and professional development.

The KSU Sabbatical Program provides the faculty member with his/her full salary and fringes for one semester. The faculty's department will receive $20,000 to fund a full-time temporary replacement or part-time replacement costs. During the leave, the recipient must devote the entire semester to the leave and not teach any courses or participate in other KSU-related activities.






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