Tenure Faculty


2004-2007 Tenured Faculty Vitality Funding Recipients with Links to Project Abstracts


Calendar Year 2007 Recipients

Faculty Enhancement Leave

Patricia E. Davis, Director of the Honors Program and Professor of English
Project Title: Researching Interdisciplinary Models for KSU’s Environmental Studies Program and Course Offerings at Oxford University

Ginny Q. Zhan, Associate Professor of Psychology
Project Title: A Survey of Asian-American Immigrant Parents: Ethnic Identity, Life Satisfaction, and Parenting Styles


Fiscal Year 2006-07 Recipients

Scholarship Start/Restart Funds

Dick Gayler, Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems and Mathematics
Project Title: A Comparison of Synchronous and Event Driven Communication Between CCA Components

Faculty Enhancement Leave

Ayokunle Odeleye, Professor of Art
Project Title: A Public Art Project Involving the Creation of Two Monumental Sculptures for a Community in Rockland County New York

Calendar Year 2006 Recipients

Scholarship Start/Restart Funds

Nina Morgan, Associate Professor of English
Project Title: Staging Globalization: Women's Activist Theatre

Faculty Enhancement Leave

Susan Carley, Professor of Marketing
Project Title: Developing a Service Learning Study Abroad program for the Undergraduate Business Major

Tony Grooms, Professor of Creative Wrting
Project Title: "The Burning House": Extension of Fulbright Fellowship Research and Drafting of a Novel Project

Laurence Sherr, Associate Professor of Music
Project Title: Creation of a New Musical Composition Based on Poetry by Nobel Laureate Nelly Sachs

Katya Vladimirov, Assistant Professor of History
Project Title: The Red East: Russians and the People of Islam in Central Asia During the 1920s


Fiscal Year 2005-2006 Recipients

Scholarship Start/Restart Funds

Al Panu, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Project Title: Conformationally Constrained Analogs of Mefloquine

Faculty Enhancement Leave

June K. Laval, Associate Professor of Spanish and French
Project Title: The Role of French Textiles in the Triangular Trade: 1759-1817

Elsa A. Nystrom, Professor of History
Project Title: Bill Elliott, His Life, His Fans and NASCAR (working title)

Eva M. Thompson, Associate Professor of English
Project Title: Part Two: "Mary Prince's Rite of Passage into Slave Womanhood in Turks Island, c. 1805-1815"


Fiscal Year 2004-2005 Recipients

Scholarship Start/Restart Funds

Hope M. Baker, Associate Professor of Decision Sciences
Project Title: Understanding the Relationships between and among Risky Health Behaviors of Teens and Causes of Disease and Death for Teens and Adults: An Exploratory Study of Current Literature and Data

Christine B. Ziegler, Professor of Psychology
Project Title: Re-entry into Developmental Science: Catching Up with Advancements in the Discipline

Faculty Enhancement Leave

Theodore LaRosa, Associate Professor of Physics
Project Title: Mathematics of Astronomical Image Processing

Kimberly S. Loomis, Associate Professor of Middle Grades Science Education
Project Title: Working with Wolves: The Development of Wolf Education Curricular Materials for the Science Classroom and Informal Science Education Centers


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