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KSU's Cognitive-Affective Learning Group

(page updated September 23, 2008)


Kennesaw State University (KSU) is one of six participating institutions in the Cognitive-Affective Learning (CAL) theme in the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning's Institutional Leadership Program.



For a working definition of Cognitive-Affective Learning, read the following article:

Owen-Smith, P. (2004, Fall). What is cognitive-affective learning (CAL)? Journal of Cognitive Affective Learning, 1, 11.


To read the definition, visit and accept the security certificate when prompted.


Mission Statement:

The CAL leadership group shares a commitment to understanding the connections between the cognitive and affective in teaching and learning. We value the development of holistic educational theories and practices that promote deep and enduring learning and ethical and civic engagement.


Other participating institutions include:

Oxford College of Emory University (Coordinating Institution)

Creighton University

St. Martin's University

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

University of Portland

University of the Pacific


Kennesaw State University's Activities and Reports:

Reports to the CAL Group: October 2007, January 2007


Examples of CETL-sponsored programs & initiatives related to CAL during 2006


Records of meetings: October 2, 2006, November 30, 2006, September 10, 2007


KSU's Proposal to join the CAL group and Acceptance of proposal


Additional History:

The CAL leadership group is a follow-up to a CASTL Campus Program Leadership Cluster, Cognitive-Affective Connections in Teaching and Learning, whose work is archived at


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