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M.S. in Applied Exercise and Health Science



The program will be offered in a traditional model of curriculum instruction over 4 consecutive semesters beginning each fall term. Program classes will be scheduled in late afternoons and early evenings to allow the working professionals to pursue advanced preparation with a minimum disruption to ongoing career commitments. The curriculum is comprised of 36 semester hours divided into AEHS Core, Concentration Core, Capstone Experience, and Approved Electives.
Students admitted to the program will work closely with the Graduate Program Coordinator to develop their program of study which includes the concentration area, capstone experience, and elective courses.


AEHS Core (6 Credit Hours):

  • EHS 6630 Research Techniques in AEHS. 3-0-3.
  • EHS 6655 Epidemiology. 3-0-3.

Concentration Core (15 Credit Hours) – Select one:

Exercise Physiology Concentration

  • EHS 6675 Advanced Exercise Physiology. 2-3-3.
  • EHS 6680 Exercise Psychology. 3-0-3.
  • EHS 6950 Advanced Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Physiology. 2-3-3.
  • EHS 7710 Bioenergetic and Neuromuscular Aspects of Exercise. 2-3-3.
  • EHS 7720 Cardiovascular and Clinical Physiology. 2-3-3.

Capstone Experience (6 Credit Hours) – Select one:

  • EHS 6900 Administrative Field Experience. 1-12-3, and an approved elective (3)1
  • EHS 7850 Master's Project in AEHS. 3-0-3, and an approved elective (3)1
  • EHS 7900 Master's Thesis. 3-0-3, repeat once.

Approved Electives (Select 9 Credit Hours):

  • Any EHS courses
  • Selected non-HPS graduate courses with Graduate Advisor's Approval


1EHS 6900 or EHS 7850 may be repeated as the Capstone Experience approved elective course; however, the Administrative Field Experience (EHS 6900) or Master’s Project (EHS 7850) cannot be simply an expansion or extension of the “first” course. Students must complete a “new” second Field Experience or “new” second Project. This second Field Experience or second Project must be completed in a different semester.  Students who select this capstone experience option must take and pass the AEHS Comprehensive Written Exam after completing a minimum of 6 Core courses (two AEHS Core and four Concentration Core courses).