B.S. in Exercise and Health Science

Admission to the Exercise & Health Science Program


Admission to the Exercise and Health Science Program is completed in HPS 2100 - Introduction to Exercise and Health Science. For students who transfer this course to KSU, they should contact Mrs. Abby Dawson, Advising Center Coordinator, for the necessary paperwork.


Completion of HPS 2100 will require the following of students applying to the program:

  • Meeting with Mrs. Abby Dawson, Advising Center Coordinator
  • Declaration of Exercise and Health Science as official major
  • A plan of study developed in HPS 2100
  • Signed Program Admission Form
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding Form

Upon completion of the Program Admission process, students will be assigned an Academic Advisor.



Program Progression


All Exercise and Health Science Majors MUST adhere to the following to progress appropriately through the program:

  • For progression through the program, EHS majors MUST maintain a minimum of a 2.75 KSU adjusted grade point average (AGPA). Without a 2.75 adjusted GPA, students will NOT be allowed to enroll in the following EHS courses:

    HPS 2080, HPS 3240, HPS 3300, HPS 3800, HPS 3850, HPS 4150, HPS 4300, HPS 4350,  HPS 4500, HPS 4550, HPS 4700

    In addition, students must have a grade of “C” or above in all courses related to the EHS major.
  • If it is the first semester for a transferred student, the transferred GPA will determine his or her eligibility to enroll in courses with a GPA prerequisite (as long as other pre-requisites for the courses have been met).  This first semester will then establish the KSU adjusted GPA, which will determine course eligibility thereafter.
  • Several EHS courses require BIOL 2221 and/or BIOL 2222 as a pre-requisite. Students must make a grade of “C” or above to enroll in any EHS course having a pre-requisite of BIOL 2221 and/or BIOL 2222.
  • EHS majors choose from one of two Capstone Experiences: A) Internship Experience; or B) Pre-Professional Electives. The Internship (HPS 4750) requires a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the EHS Core (HPS 3240, HPS 3300, HPS 3800, HPS 3850, HPS 4150, HPS 4300, HPS 4350, HPS 4500, and HPS 4700). Transfer courses will NOT be factored into the EHS core GPA. Other requirements for HPS 4750 are provided in detail in the HPS 4750 Internship Manual.
  • The above prerequisites for EHS courses are strictly enforced and will NOT be waived for the purpose of accelerating your graduation. It is your responsibility to work closely with your assigned academic Advisor to ensure courses are taken at the appropriate time and in sequence.
  • It is imperative that YOU understand the following:
    • KSU adjusted GPA and EHS Core GPA are NOT rounded up (i.e., a 2.749 is NOT a 2.75)
    • KSU adjusted GPA calculations ONLY exclude grades of “D” or below when replaced with a higher grade. Repeating a course with a “C” or above ONLY results in the averaging of the two grades.
    • Failure to achieve the minimum GPA for progression is YOUR responsibility. Do NOT ask for a waiver of KSU adjusted or EHS Core grade point standard or course prerequisite.
  • In order to maintain program quality and integrity, all EHS majors are required to exhibit responsible, professional behavior in all courses, field experiences, and interactions with peers and faculty. As such, all EHS majors are subject to Disposition Evaluation each semester. Students deemed to possess unsatisfactory disposition(s) are required to have a remediation meeting with the EHS Program Coordinator. In the remediation meeting, a plan will be developed and a timeline established to correct the unsatisfactory behavior(s). Students failing to correct unsatisfactory disposition(s) issues within the established timeline will not be allowed to intern and/or will not receive favorable letters of recommendation from EHS faculty and may be reported to the Department Chair and the Office of Judiciary Programs when appropriate.