B.S. in Exercise Science

Exercise Science Internships

The Exercise Science curriculum offers two distinct variable credit hour internship courses, ES 3398 Internship in Exercise Science and ES 4950 Exercise Science Senior Internship, which students may pursue as electives. The following information is intended to clarify and assist students through the internship application process in the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Management. The application can be found here.




Which curriculum should I follow?

Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2013 can remain on their original program or they can change to the new curriculum. Contact the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Management Advising Center (Prillman Hall, Suite 1003) to determine which program to follow.


I need HPS 4750: Exercise and Health Science Internship, so which course will I take now?

Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2013 and who have selected the Internship Capstone Experience will enroll in ES 4950: Exercise Science Senior Internship. ES 4950 is a variable credit (3-12 hrs) course, so students must select 12 credit hours.


Can I still take HPS 3398: Internship to fulfill the Pre-Professional Elective requirements?

The course is now ES 3398: Internship in Exercise Science. There are two important changes to this course. First, one must have a 2.75 AGPA to be eligible for this course. Secondly, this course is restricted to a maximum of 3 credit hours per semester; however, the course is repeatable one time. If a student needs more than 3 credit hours in a given semester, one should enroll in ES 4950: Exercise Science Senior Internship instead of ES 3398. The only restrictions for ES 4950 are successful completion of ES 4500, ES 4550, 2.75 AGPA, and 90 credit hours (senior status).


Can I intern at my place of employment?

Students are strongly discouraged from interning at one’s site of employment or under the supervision of a family member/close friend. In any of these situations, one must disclose this relationship to the Director of Internships.


What happens if my Internship Application is submitted late?

Under most situations, the process of identifying an internship site, securing the internship, collecting and submitting all of the necessary documentation (i.e., Internship Application) to the Director of Internships, receiving final approval, and registering for the course will take several months. It is imperative to initiate the process very early during the semester prior to the internship. Procrastination likely will result in failure to complete an internship when desired; therefore, one must either enroll in other “elective” courses to facilitate a timely graduation or delay the internship to another semester. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the application process and the Director of Internships is available to assist when needed.


ES 3398 vs ES 4950

The Department of Exercise Science and Sport Management offers two internship opportunities for Exercise Science majors:

  1. ES 3398: Internship in Exercise Science

ES 3398 is intended to be an exploratory internship experience which provides students the opportunity to learn more about professions within the field of Exercise Science.  
Prerequisites include:

  • Declared Exercise Science major
  • 2.75+ KSU AGPA (posted)
  • Approval of internship application
  1. ES 4950: Exercise Science Senior Internship.

ES 4950 is designed to be a senior-level experiential course where Exercise Science majors are given the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge and skills in a professional work setting. Prerequisites include:

  • Declared Exercise Science major
  • 2.75+ KSU AGPA (posted)
  • ES 4500 and ES 4550 (grade of “C” or better)
  • Approval of internship application

Although both courses can be used to fulfill Free Elective requirements for graduation, a maximum of 12 credit hours of ES 3398, ES 4000 (Service Learning), and/or ES 4950 can be used to meet the Major Field Elective requirements for graduation. Students are eligible to enroll in both courses and each course is graded on a S/U basis only.


Credit Hour Selection
ES 3398 and ES 4950 are variable credit hour courses (i.e., students select the appropriate credit hours during registration based on the contact hours they expect to complete with the internship site). Each credit hour equals 37.5 internship contact hours per semester at the internship site. All other course requirements are the same regardless of the number of credit hours or specific course (ES 3398 vs ES 4950) enrolled.


Internship Contact Hours Based Credit Hours Enrolled

Credit Hours

Internship Contact Hours

Fall & Spring*



37.5 hrs

2.5 hrs/wk

~3.1 hrs/wk


75.0 hrs

5.0 hrs/wk

~6.3 hrs/wk


112.5 hrs

7.5 hrs/wk

~9.4 hrs/wk


150.0 hrs

10.0 hrs/wk

~12.5 hrs/wk


187.5 hrs

12.5 hrs/wk

~15.6 hrs/wk


225.0 hrs

15.0 hrs/wk

~18.8 hrs/wk


262.5 hrs

17.5 hrs/wk

~21.9 hrs/wk


300.0 hrs

20.0 hrs/wk

~25.0 hrs/wk


337.5 hrs

22.5 hrs/wk

~28.1 hrs/wk


375.0 hrs

25.0 hrs/wk

~31.3 hrs/wk


412.5 hrs

27.5 hrs/wk

~34.4 hrs/wk


450.0 hrs

30.0 hrs/wk

~37.5 hrs/wk

* Average weekly work hours based on a 15-week semester
** Average weekly work hours assuming one starts in early May and continues across a 12-week period



Internship Contacts






Mrs. Ashley Jones
Experiential Education Associate

Prillaman Hall 1015
Career Services Center

KSU Career Services Center
Prillaman Hall
1000 Chastain Road
Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591


Mrs. Abby Dawson
Director of Advising and Internships

Prillaman Hall 1011

Department of ESSM
Prillaman Hall, MD 4104
1000 Chastain Road
Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591


Dr. J.C. Bradbury
Department Chair

Prillaman Hall 4023

Department of ESSM
Prillaman Hall, MD 4104
1000 Chastain Road
Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591



Course Requirements
1.    Completion of Internship Hours. The total internship hours are based on 37.5 contact hours at the site for each credit hour enrolled (see Credit Hour Selection).

a)   Some sites may require additional hours (i.e., beyond the minimum necessary to fulfill graduation requirements) as the basis of acceptance as an intern. If one agrees to these internship conditions, it might be necessary to adjust the credit hours accordingly.
b)   Students are strongly discouraged from working more than 40 hours per week, except in unusual and limited circumstances.
c)   Since Summer Semester is only 8 weeks in length, it might be necessary to begin the internship prior to the beginning of the semester (i.e., May) if a student is enrolled in more than 8 credit hours of internship.

2.    Monthly Journals.  Daily logs summarizing duties and work accomplished, hours worked, and reflective observations must be compiled into a Monthly Journal.  The Journals must be typed (MS Word document or equivalent) and submitted to the Director of Internships on the first day of each month during the semester via Desire2Learn. The last Journal documenting work must be submitted prior to the end of the semester (see Desire2Learn for the specific date). Specific details regarding the Monthly Journals are provided in Desire2Learn.

3.    Internship Evaluation. An end-of-semester performance assessment will be conducted by the On-Site Supervisor and reviewed in detail with the student.  See the Internship Application Packet for a copy of the evaluation instrument. The Director of Internships will provide instructions to the On-Site Supervisor who will complete and submit the online evaluation.


4.    Final Summary Report. Following completion of the internship, a Final Summary Report must be completed. The Report must be typed (MS Word document or equivalent) and submitted to the Director of Internships via Desire2Learn prior to the end of the semester (see Desire2Learn for the specific date). Specific details regarding the Final Summary Report are provided in Desire2Learn.


Internship Application Process

Since Exercise Science internship courses (ES 3398 and ES 4950) are elective, students must strictly adhere to the following process to be eligible to enroll in one of these courses. Questions related to the search for an internship site should be directed to the KSU Experiential Education Associate (Career Services). Once an internship site has been selected, students must submit a completed Internship Application which requires the following:

  1. Application.: https://careerctr.kennesaw.edu/students/hhs-qualifications  

Online application must be completed and submitted through the above link. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Number of credit hours you are pursuing
  • Exact start date
  • Job Description
  • Physical address where you will be working
  • Supervisor’s full name and email address

Communication regarding your application will be sent to your KSU student email address.  

  1. CPR Certification. Proof (i.e., photocopy) of current Adult Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Automated External Defibrillator certification (CPR/AED) from the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, or equivalent (preapproval of other certifying agencies is required and the certification MUST include a practical exam, i.e., online certifications are not acceptable). The certification must be valid through the end of the internship. In rare cases where an internship site requires a specific certification (e.g., child, etc) or they provide in-house certification training, contact the Director of Internships for assistance.

 Applications are due no later than 2 weeks prior to the end of early registration for the semester one plans to intern (approximately mid November for Spring, mid April for Summer, and late July for Fall). See the KSU Academic Calendar on the Registrar’s website for specific dates and look for departmental postings.


Failure to submit a completed application by the due date will result in the inability to register for ES 3398 or ES 4950.


Liability Insurance
Liability insurance is included as a $16 course fee for all students who enroll in ES 3398 or ES 4950. Coverage is effective for the term in which you are enrolled.


Internship Registration Process

Once an application has been approved, course registration will be opened for the student. It is the responsibility of the student to officially ADD the specific internship course during early registration through Owl Express. Here are three very important points regarding course registration:

  1. Owl Express will show the course (ES 3398 or ES 4950) as CLOSED. Students approved to register for internship will simply ADD the CRN for their specific course. An override will be provided to allow students to register for the “CLOSED” course.
  2. As noted earlier, the KSU registration system will default to 1 credit hour. Students are responsible for selecting more than 1 credit hour when appropriate.
  3. Students who intern at a location that is at least 50 miles from the KSU campus will be eligible for a waiver of certain institutional fees. This is a Univeristy System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy ( and cannot be waived or amended by the Department of ESSM or KSU. You should notify the Director of Internships to receive more details if you believe you may qualify.
  4. It is imperative to understand; students must complete the application and course registration process during early registration; otherwise, they must select other elective courses (i.e., not ES 3398 or ES 4950) for the next semester.

Please be aware that most hospital and clinically-based sites require a written contract between the hospital and Kennesaw State University before you can begin the internship. All contracts to which Kennesaw State University is expected to be a signing party must be reviewed in the Division of Legal Affairs before being signed by a KSU authorized signatory and can require a month or longer to complete.  See the Director of Internships for assistance. Also, many sites require extensive documentation (e.g., criminal background checks, vaccination records, blood tests, etc.); therefore, students must work directly with each internship site’s Human Resources Department to fulfill these requirements.