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KSU HPE Student Teaching


As described in the KSU Handbook for Field Experiences, student teaching is the capstone experience for candidates as they make the transition from teacher education student to practicing professional. For our HPE candidates, it is the culmination of a rigorous preparation program intended to promote candidates’ knowledge, skills and professional disposition, all of which contribute to their success as a future educator.  Student teaching is an opportunity practice the knowledge and skills acquired in teacher training while gaining increased understanding of learner characteristics and the day-to-day facilitation of a physical education program.


We expect our candidates to demonstrate their readiness to assume the duties and responsibilities of the professional teacher.  Candidates are assigned to work under the direct supervision of an HPE Collaborating Teacher and a KSU Supervisor for a period of 15 weeks, 40 hours per week.  During this time, candidates accept the full responsibilities of the collaborating teacher. It is imperative that our candidates demonstrate a disposition toward collaborative professionalism among the candidate, the Collaborating Teacher and KSU supervisor.  Furthermore, it should be evident that our candidates demonstrate the ability to relate to the students they are teaching and to make a positive impact upon student learning.


Collaborating Teacher Expectations

Please refer to the TOSS Overview link to review general expectations of the Collaborating Teacher and the role of the KSU Supervisor during a field experience, then take a moment to view the video below to listen to a former KSU Student Teacher discuss the role of the Collaborating Teacher.  
The KSU Supervisor will meet with the CT and candidate for an initial orientation to review expectations, policies and procedures, and answer any questions the CT or candidate may have at that time. Additionally, will receive a CD that includes all the necessary forms for Student Teaching. The candidate is responsible for making sure the CT understands and follows through with the required feedback forms outlined below:

  • Weekly Collaborating Teacher Evaluation - This form is designed to facilitate a weekly conference between the CT and the candidate, and shall document general progress in specified areas.  Completing this form should be a collaborative effort between the CT and candidate, assuring the candidate is aware of strengths and areas for improvement. This form should be submitted to the KSU Supervisor on a weekly basis (15 total).
  • Lesson Observation Forms- This form is to be completed by the CT during/after observing formal lessons taught by candidate, and should be discussed with the candidate.  Note that while the candidate will be teaching daily lessons, the CT is expected to provide 4 formal observations of specific lessons, similar to announced observations of teacher lessons conducted by a principal.  It is expected that 2 formal observations be submitted to KSU supervisor before midterm and 2 after midterm.
  • Candidate Performance Instrument (Midterm and Final) - This form is to be completed by the CT at the midterm and the end of term, and should provide an overall evaluation of the student’s performance in your school.  Please note that you will complete this form online using our assessment platform: Chalk and Wire. You will receive an email from the KSU Chalk & Wire system administrator that details steps to submit this form online.

Please note that as a CT for a student teacher, you will also receive correspondence from KSU Center for Educational Placements and Partnerships (CEPP), which plays an important role in managing student teaching for all teacher education programs at KSU.  You will be asked to submit an online Teacher Demographic Form early in the semester, which is used to help report qualifications and experiences of CT working with KSU to teacher accrediting agencies.  Additionally, the following links may be helpful for the Student Teaching Collaborating Teacher:

Any issues that a CT has with a candidate’s performance or behaviors (i.e. attendance/tardiness, professionalism, etc.) should be brought to the attention of the KSU supervisor immediately so that the situation can be handled promptly.  The KSU supervisor will assure effective communication between the candidate, CT and supervisor, and is responsible for addressing concerns raised by any of the parties involved with the student teaching experience.   Please do not hesitate contacting the supervisor assigned to your candidate if you have any questions or concerns.


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