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Username: university
Password: faculty04


You must have Adobe Reader to open and complete CHOA’s Clinical Documents. 


Do not submit your documents to CHOA, electronically sign and save your documents then e-mail them to

CHOA will not accept self-submitted documents from students. 


  1. Complete the Core Orientation Modules
  2. Complete the Medication Calculation assessment  (undergraduate nursing students only)
  3. Complete Combined Participant Agreement (Exhibit A)/Participant agreement Tracking form (Exhibit B-1)/Core Orientation Checklist  (one form per student)
    1. Exhibit A – Read and fill in Kennesaw State University
    2. Exhibit B – Participant Agreement Tracking Form
      1. Name of School:  Kennesaw State University
      2. Semester/Year:  Spring, summer or fall and the year
      3. Name of Instructor/Course Coordinator:  Fill in your instructors name (write TBA if you have not been notified)
      4. Dates of Experience(mm/yy – mm/yy):  Fill in the dates of your clinical rotation (if not yet notified, write the start and end date of the semester)
      5. Type of Experience:  Choose from the dropdown list
      6. Location & Unit:  Choose Egleston, Hughes Spaulding or Scottish Rite and provide the Unit if you have been notified. 
      7. Students Full Name:  Full Name
      8. Supervised by:  Choose Faculty from the drop down list
      9. Agreement Read (Exhibit A): Select Yes from the drop down list
      10. Health Screen Requirements Met (Exhibit C):  Ensure all medical documents are current, up to date and on file including your current flu vaccine
      11. CPR Expire Date (mm/yy):  Enter the month and year of your CPR expiry (your card cannot expire during the semester of your clinical rotation)
      12. Personal Health Insurance?  Yes (all nursing students are required to have current health insurance)
      13. Insurance:  Choose COI from the drop down list
      14. Core Orientation Checklist Complete & Attached?  Choose Yes and complete page 3 of this document
      15. Electronically sign document
    3. Core Orientation Checklist:  Enter dates of completion
  4. Save and e-mail document to 
  5. Log into Advantage Students and share your results with Children’s Health Care of Atlanta