Cartersville Medical Center

Student Information

  1. Read the Guidelines
  2. Read and sign the Confidentiality and Security Agreement and submit
  3. Read Student Orientation PowerPoint and submit Answer Sheet and submit Answer Sheet Only
  4. Read and sign Behavioral Standards and submit
  5. Grade your Orientation Education Test Answer Sheet – At the top of your Answer sheet place number of wrong over 32
  6. Complete and submit Attestation Form for Contract/Agency/Student Personnel. Complete the following:
    • Employee’s Name: Your Name
    • BLS Expiration Date: Expiration Date off your CPR card
    • Last TB/PPD Assessment Date: Last ppd date within 90 days
    • Hepatitis B Vaccine: 1st Hepatitis date on your physical or titer date
    • Information Security Agreement Signed (2nd Page): Date you signed the Confidentiality and Security agreement
  7. Fall semester flu documentation must be submitted by 1st of October – Spring semester flu documentation must be submitted with clinical paperwork
  8. E-mail your drug and background screening from Advantage to Ronda Sweet @ (Phone: 678-535-6268) - in the e-mail subject line type: KSU Drug & Background Screening


4417 Preceptorship ONLY


  • In addition to completing steps 1-6 above, you must schedule a time with Robbie Tatum ( 15 days before your first day of clinical to watch the Code of Conduct Video (1hr video). In the e-mail subject line: KSU Code of Conduct Schedule & Badge  


Medical Documents that must be submitted with your clinical paperwork

  1. Front and back copy of your current cpr card


  2. PPD:
    • Negative PPD: Negative ppd within 90 days
      - If your PPD is not within 90 days Cartersville Medical Center requires you to have another test administered.  Contact your Personal Health Care Provider or you can have the test done at the KSU Clinic, the cost is $17.00 (may be less depending on insurance) call 470-578-6644 to schedule an appointment.  (The updated PPD must be submitted with your clinical paperwork)


    • Positive PPD: Chest X-ray or radiology report within the last 12 months AND documentation of taken prophylactic medication


    • Quantiferon: Must be negative result
  1. Proof of tetanus immunization
  2. Proof of Varicella or titer value report
  3. Proof of two MMR immunization or titer value report
  4. Proof of three Hepatitis B immunization or titer value report
  5. Current Flu documentation


Document Checklist


Behavioral Standards (1 page)

Confidentiality and Security Agreement (2 Pages)

Student Orientation Answer Sheet (1Page)

Attestation Form for Contract/Agency/Student Personnel (2 Pages)

Immunizations (listed above)

Front and back copy of your current CPR Card