BSN-MSN Foreign Born Physician Program

Foreign Born Physician Track Curriculum Plan


Year 1

Summer (Semester 1)       Fall (Semester 2)       Spring (Semester 3)

HIST 2112 American History

POLS 1101 American Gov’t
(May take bypass exam for
BIOL  3317  Pathophysiology (may Challenge)  3
NURS Elective 3
Free Elective 3

NURS 3209 Holistic Nursing


NURS 3309 Health Assess

NURS 3303 Pharmacology 3

NURS 3314 Mental Health

NURS 3313 Adult Health 6
NURS 3302 Ethics & Profession 3

Challenge NURS 4414:

Complex Health

Total Hours: 15 Total Hours: 12 Total Hours: 12


Year 2

Summer (Semester 1)       Fall (Semester 2)      

Spring (Semester 3)

NURS 3318 Parent Child

NURS 4412 Community 5
NURS 4414  Complex 3
(if Challenge not passed)

NURS 4416 Leadership


NURS 4417 Clinical Practicum

NURS 7735 Adv. Health Assess. 4
NURS 7755 Adv. Pharmacology 2
NURS 7765 Adv. Pathophysiology 2
(If Challenges not passed)  
Take NCLEX (Must possess a valid Georgia RN license to start Residency)

NURS 7725  Theory

NURS 8800 Common Adult 3
NURS 8850  Residency I 4

NURS 7746 Research I

(if needed)

  Begin paying Premium Pricing for FNP program.


Total Hours: 11-14 Total Hours: 7-15 Total Hours: 9-11


Year 3

Summer (Semester 1)       Fall (Semester 2)       Spring (Semester 3)

NURS 8805 Common Child

NURS 8851 Residency II 4
NURS 7715 Role 2

NURS 8830 Reproductive Health


NURS 8852 Residency III

NURS 8853 Residency IV 4

NURS 8854 Research II

(if needed)


Take Certification Exam

Apply for APRN Licensure  
Total Hours: 9 Total Hours: 12  



This plan is based on the premise that students will be admitted in time to take the history and political science prerequisites in the summer prior to starting nursing courses. Lower Division Hours – 6; Total Nursing Undergraduate Hours – 54; Total Nursing Graduate Hours – 40 (with two research courses).

Competency in US and Georgia History and US and Georgia Constitution MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO GRADUATE WITH THE BSN. Students must take POLS 1101 American Government and HIST 2112 American History at a Georgia institution to satisfy this requirement.  On-campus Bypass or CLEP examinations may be taken to successfully satisfy the requirements for POLS 1101 and HIST 2112.  Information about challenge exams can be obtained from the WSON Office of Student Services at 470-578-3211.

Challenge Exams for course credit: Students admitted to the accelerated Foreign Born Physicians program may “challenge” several courses to receive course credit by successfully completing a comprehensive examination of course content. The Undergraduate courses are: BIOL 3317 Pathophysiology, NURS 3303 Pharmacology, NURS 3309 Health Assessment, and NURS 4414 Complex Health. The Graduate courses which may be challenged are: NURS 7735 Advanced Health Assessment, NURS 7755 Advanced Pharmacology, and NURS 7765 Advanced Pathophysiology.  Students must show evidence of successfully passing the challenge examination at an 80% level or above prior to the semester the course credit would be given.

Depending on the student’s past coursework, credit may be given for the following program requirements: Directed Elective, Free Elective, and Nursing Elective.