BSN-MSN Foreign Born Physician Program



Regents’ Policies Governing the Classification of Students for Tuition Purposes
Aliens shall be classified as out-of-state students; provided, however, that an alien who is living in this country under an immigration document permitting indefinite or permanent residence shall have the same privilege of qualifying for in-state tuition as a citizen of the United States.

Nursing Student Progression, Retention and Dismissal Policies and WellStar School of Nursing policies:
It is the student’s responsibility to review and be aware of all Kennesaw State University and WellStar School of Nursing requirements.

Students who do not make a passing grade in a nursing course or who withdraw from the nursing program are not guaranteed re-entry at the next course offering and may only re-enter the program on a space-available basis.

Students who are dismissed from either the undergraduate or graduate nursing program may not be re-admitted to the WellStar School of Nursing.


Premium Pricing: The Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program is premium priced. Upon full admission to the MSN program, tuition will include the premium price fee. The premium price fee will be added to tuition in the 5th through 8th semester.


Application Deadline:  March 1st for Summer Admission


Admission decisions are based on a COMPETITIVE process of evaluation of all admission materials. Due to undergraduate and graduate nursing program space constraints, admissions to this track will be determined each year based on the numbers of graduates or other attrition. Only applicants with completed application packets and those who exhibit the strongest qualities important to nursing will be considered in final admission decisions. Longevity at Kennesaw State University may also be considered. Applicants will be notified by April 15th of their WellStar School of Nursing admission status.


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