MSN in Advanced Care Management and Leadership Program - Nursing Administration & Health Policy Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions (40 credit hours - online program)



Fall Semester I


NURS 7745: Theoretical Foundations, Research Applications & Outcomes Evaluation I (4-0-4)  [online]

This course extends foundational competencies in research methods, epidemiology, and biostatistics. The focus is on examining research designs, methodology, data measurement and analysis, the ethics of research, and outcome evaluation for relevant problems encountered by the advanced practice nurse. Theories from health care, nursing, and related fields will be analyzed and critiqued from the perspective of theory development and utilization during inquiry. Students will analyze relevant scientific studies and begin development of the scientific proposal process in a particular area relevant to advanced nursing practice.


NURS 7793 Health Policy Leadership Seminar (4-0-4) [online]
Provides students with an advanced understanding of the issues of leadership and health policy as it relates to nursing. Course addresses theories and models of the health policy process with a focus on integrating health service research theory and methods.


NURS 7796 Advanced Nursing Leadership Role & the Healthcare Environment (4-0-4) [online]

This course is designed to provide an introduction and transition to the leadership role of advanced practice in nursing administration and an overview of factors shaping current healthcare policy.


Spring Semester


NURS 7747: Theoretical Foundations, Research Applications & Outcomes Evaluation II (3-0-3) [online]

This course continues the instruction begun in Nursing 7745 (Theoretical Foundations, m   Research Applications and Outcome Evaluations I) with emphasis on data collection, database development, and use of software programs for various research. In addition, the course explores the analyses and interpretation relevant for specific research problems encountered in advanced nursing practice. Students obtain approval from the appropriate Institutional Review Board and implement the scientific proposal developed in NURS 7745. This is the second course required for students completing a master’s thesis project.


NURS 7780: Seminar in Conflict Management & Ethics of Leadership (3-0-3) [online]

This course introduces the principles, theories, and skills of conflict management required for advanced practice nurses.  In addition, the course engages the student in exploration of the ethical and legal frameworks, theories and applications that relate to leadership, management, and decision-making in health care organizations. Case analysis and presentation will emphasize the student’s ability to identify problems and offer collaborative resolutions in areas related to patient care, patient safety, and appropriate workplace environments that support quality care.


NURS 8880: Leadership Role in Nursing Administration/Health Policy – Practicum I (1-6-3) [online]

This course consists of an introductory practicum with a preceptor/site identified as being appropriate for the student’s area of interest and approved by the faculty.  Advanced practice leadership competencies are the focus of the course with students analyzing and evaluating policy conceptual models and participating in their implementation in the delivery of client care.  The theory component emphasizes case study presentation and critique related to leadership issues associated with health policy and advanced practice nursing.


Summer Semester


NURS 7794 Advanced Leadership & Policy in Multicultural, Changing World (3-0-3) [online]
Develops proactive leadership skills in leading and shaping organizations and health policy through the myriad of changes that are occurring in the health care environment and in a multicultural society.


NURS 6150: Analytical Business Applications/Leadership Skills for Advanced Practice (3-0-3) [online]

The course provides the advanced practice nurse with foundational business knowledge and the analytical and leadership skills needed in the economic environments of health care organizations. The focus is on the skills needed to provide leadership in the successful creation, distribution, and management of health care services.


NURS 8881: Leadership Role in Nursing Administration/Health Policy – Practicum II (1-6-3) [online]

This course is a continuation of the practicum experience with appropriate preceptors/sites. Advanced nursing leadership and health policy competencies continue to be the focus of the course with greater expertise an expectation and a particular focus of the core competencies related to financial management and quality and safety of healthcare delivery systems.


Fall Semester II

NURS 7795: Global Initiatives in Healthcare (3-0-3) [online]
Focuses on the global perspective of policy development and implementation in health care.

NURS 8882: Leadership Role in Nursing Administration/Health Policy – Practicum III (1-9-4) [online]

This course is a continuation of the practicum experience in which students synthesize all elements of their advanced health policy and leadership competences at a specific agency with appropriate mentor/preceptor. The theory component continues to emphasize case study presentation and critique related to the leadership issues associated with health policy and nursing leadership with an emphasis on synthesis of global health leadership and management.


NURS 8863: Thesis/Research Project (variable credits; 0-3) [0nline]

This course will allow students to complete their thesis/research project under the supervision of a graduate faculty member. Competencies related to implementation of nursing research and the scientific analytical processes required for completion of a thesis/research project relevant to nursing will be included



Numbers after course titles (ie., 3-0-3) designate number of class hours per week, number of lab hours per week, and semester hours of credit for the completed course.


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