Department of Social Work and Human Services

Comments and Feedback from 2011 and 2012 Human Services Cohorts


The day after graduation I took the BC-HSP test and passed, the next Monday I applied at Must, had an interview 2 days later and now here I am J I am the Client Intake Coordinator at the Cherokee location and loving it. I feel it helped to land a job within a month of graduation. At graduation I had no idea where I would be working, no leads or prospects. Hopefully, long term it will be helpful when being considered for promotions and advancing my career. Share this link with all of your HS majors!

I believe that the program is well structured, and prepares us well for the job market.
Again, I just believe that the professors can really challenge the students and maximize the time they have during the classes. The students come to class ready to learn, and we do.
My best experience was listening to the real life experiences of HS professors. I learned a lot from what the professors brought to the table with their various backgrounds with special populations.

My Best experience was getting the opportunity to volunteer at the different agencies. Also having the experience of interacting with social workers, children from diverse background, and learning about different cultures was great for me.

My internship at a homeless shelter. I was exposed to the other side of the tracks. The plight of women and children is under reported.
The networking with many different professors and students who had experience in the field. Also the knowledge of theories and ideas that were simpilfied in order for me as a student to apply at my job or everyday life.
My overall best experience in the program was the knowledge learned in Social Welfare Policies and Poverty & Culture.
My best experience (as time consuming as they are) has been the internships. Class lectures are not how I learn and the internships justify the material that is learned in class through the hands on experience.
My internships have been great and I feel like they are where I am learning my skills and putting my school knowledge to work

My advanced internship, during this experience I was able to confirm the population that I would like to work with. The experience has been a great learning and hands on experience.