About the PSA

Know thy self

The PSA is a Registered Student Organization sponsored by the Student Life Center at KSU. The PSA was organized in order to foster the social, academic, and professional growth of undergraduate students engaged in philosophy. The PSA accomplishes this goal by holding meetings during the semester, planning campus and departmental events and activities, and electing student representatives to act as liaisons between the administration, the faculty, and student body. Through these means, the PSA endeavors to promote greater interdepartmental communication. Also, it is the goal of the PSA to provide a greater sense of continuity for the ever changing stream of scholars pursuing an education in philosophy at KSU.

The PSA, furthermore, is one way in which students can be active within the Kennesaw State University community, promote a greater understanding of philosophy and its related disciplines, and ultimately influence educational policy on campus.

Through these endeavors, the Philosophy Student Association serves and represents the interests of those KSU students who insist on a meaningful education--in other words, an education that can be, and ought to be, integrated into one's personal and professional life.

We offer a number of services to the entire campus and to the surrounding community, the highlight of which is our annual lecture series--the Mike Ryan lecture series.