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M.S. in Applied Exercise and Health Science



EHS - 6100 - Research Methods in Sports and Exercise

This course is designed to discuss concepts and methodologies employed in research design typically applied in studies dealing in exercise science and sport management. The intent is to provide the student with an intuitive or conceptual understanding of theory, tools, and processes involved in designing research studies relevant to these disciplines


EHS - 6200 - Statistical Methods in Sports and Exercise

This course focuses on statistical methods used in the fields of sports and exercise science. Students will be introduced to basic statistical concepts including organizing and displaying data, mode, median, and mean, and measures of variability. More advanced topics including correlation and regression, t tests, analysis of variance, and analysis of nonparametric data will be explored. Students will calculate and interpret data along with using the statistical software SPSS.


EHS - 6300 - Leadership and Administration in Sports and Exercise

This course introduces issues and skills relevant to leadership and administration in the sports and exercise industries. Topics covered include leadership styles, interpersonal communication, fiscal management, policy formulation and implementation, decision-making models, and strategic planning.


EHS - 6410 - Trends and Issues in Sports and Exercise

This course critically examines current topics in the sports and exercise industries. Topics include sports and exercise trends, public policy, controversies, and career implications.


EHS - 6420 - Sports Sponsorship and Promotion

This course introduces students to issues and concepts relating to how business and non-profit entities can market themselves through sports sponsorship and promotion. Students are exposed to topics including key marketing and sponsorship principles, current trends in the sports industry, sponsorship design/implementation, and post-sponsorship evaluation. This course provides a foundation for those students who plan to pursue a career in marketing and sponsorship in the sports industry.


EHS - 6430 - Advanced Sports Economics

This course focuses economic phenomena surrounding sports and exercise. Economic models from industrial organization, public finance, labor economics, game theory, macroeconomics, and other fields of economics are applied to issues in sports and fitness industries.


EHS - 6440 - Sports Media and Communication

This course provides in-depth analysis of the media and communications in sports. Students are introduced to concepts of mass communication and the impact it has had on today’s sport communication systems. An emphasis is placed on the application of communication principles in the promotion of sports events, venues, and products. Particular focus is given to social networks, print media, broadcast media, news releases, interviews and public relations campaigns.


EHS - 6450 - Sports Facility and Event Management

This course introduces students to the management of modern sports venues and hosting of sporting events. Students visit local sports venues and assist in the management of a sporting event. This course provides students with an understanding of the complexity involved in sport facility and venue management. Sport facility management includes a variety of activities such as planning and designing a sport facility, staff management, facility marketing, developing revenue streams, and facility scheduling and operations.


EHS - 6510 - Advanced Exercise Physiology

An advanced study through readings, discussion and laboratory experiences of select and recent topics in exercise physiology. Topics include metabolic responses to exercise; neuromuscular and molecular physiology related to exercise; temperature regulation during exercise; acute and chronic physiological responses to altitude; exercise during pregnancy; and body composition and weight control.


EHS - 6520 - Exercise Psychology

This course addresses physical activity and exercise as they relate to psychological health issues. Factors related to physical activity and exercise adoption and adherence and intervention planning are also addressed. The course is taught with an emphasis on application of concepts and discussion and evaluation of the scientific research.


EHS - 6530 - Advanced Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Physiology

Techniques and research applications for measuring, assessing, and evaluating physiological parameters.


EHS - 6540 - Bioenergetic and Neuromuscular Aspects of Exercise

Examination of acute and chronic bioenergetic and muscular adaptations to the performance of work.


EHS - 6550 - Cardiovascular and Clinical Physiology

Examination of the mechanisms of cardiovascular dynamics and metabolic function at rest and during exercise in healthy and associated diseased populations.


EHS - 7410 - Sports and the Law

This course introduces students to common legal issues faced by sports industry practitioners. Topics covered include torts, contracts, labor, antitrust, and other legal issues surrounding sports.


EHS - 7510 - Physical Activity Epidemiology

This course provides an epidemiological foundation to physical activity research. Participants examine the literature related to the physiological impact of physical activity on chronic diseases (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc.). The course provides students the opportunity to study epidemiological concepts related to physical activity research and further develop research skills by searching, reading, and analyzing peer-review journals describing and explaining the effects of physical activity on chronic diseases.


EHS - 7520 - Advanced Strength and Conditioning

This course offers students an advanced and comprehensive examination of the scientific and practical foundations associated with strength and conditioning programs. Emphasis is placed on physiologic adaptations based on specificity and periodization. A variety of strength and conditioning philosophies for athletes and clients will be explored.


EHS - 7530 - Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics

An advanced study through lecture, readings, discussion and laboratory experiences of select and recent topics in kinesiology and biomechanics. Topics include qualitative and quantitative motion analysis; force, force application, and material properties; linear and angular kinetics and kinematics; biomechanical aspects of movement through fluids; biomechanics of skeletal muscle; and kinesiology of the extremities.


EHS - 7540 - Environmental Physiology

This course will explore the physiological disruptions and adaptations to various environmental conditions. Further, students will examine the major impact of a variety of environmental situations and stressors, and will be exposed to areas of current debate in environmental physiology. The emphasis will be on athletic, normal and special populations in various environments.


EHS - 7750 - Special Topics in Applied Exercise and Health Science

Exploration of a specific applied exercise and health science topic.


EHS - 7760 - Directed Study in Applied Exercise and Health Science

This course is to provide students an opportunity to explore a topic of interest at a more in depth level than covered in class or to explore a topic not specifically addressed in a regular course offering.


EHS - 7800 - Administrative Field Experience

Supervised administrative field experience in an approved exercise science or sport management setting. This individually designed experience is designed to enhance administrative and supervisory skills of the graduate student relevant to the desired area of exploration or identified need area. The field experience purpose, project, duration, and site must be approved by the student’s major professor and graduate program coordinator.


EHS - 7850 - Master's Project in Applied Exercise and Health Science

A project to be comprised of a capstone experience that leads to an actual product such as a publishable journal and/or literature review article, position paper, teaching aid, instructional videotape, program or facility development, web site, on-line course materials, lab manual, curriculum development, or a similar project.


EHS - 7900 - Master's Thesis

Development and writing of a thesis under the supervision of a graduate faculty member.