Michael Hales

Michael Hales, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer


Office: Convocation Center 3054

Phone: 470-578-6359

E-mail: mhales@kennesaw.edu



Academic Degrees





Georgia State University




Exercise Science

Georgia State University




Exercise and Health Science

Kennesaw State University



Professional Experience




Senior Lecturer, Department of Exercise Science and Sport Management, Kennesaw State University


Recent Professional Activities



Publications in Professional Journals

Hales, ME., Johnson, BF., and Johnson, JT.  Kinematic analysis of the powerlifting style squat and the conventional deadlift during competition: Is there a cross-over effect between lifts?  Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 23(9), 2574 – 2580, 2009.


Hales, ME.  Improving the deadlift: Understanding biomechanical constraints and physiological adaptations to resistance exercise.  Strength & Conditioning Journal, 32(4): 44 – 51.


Hales, ME. Part I – Evaluating common weight training concepts associated with developing muscular strength: Truths or myths? Strength and Conditioning Journal, 33(1): 91-95.


Johnson, JD & Hales, ME.  The power of Sport.  [In review]


Hales, ME & Johnson, JD.  The efficacy of incorporating video feedback for enhancing skill acquisition. [In review]



Hales, ME. (2006).  Chapter 3: Instrumentation.  In. BF Johnson & ME Hales (eds.)  Dynamic Biomechanics: A dynamic approach (p. 18 – 43).  Atlanta, GA:Dartfish USA, Inc.


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Hales, ME.  (2011). Chapter 3: Muscular Strength and Endurance Training.  Fitness for Living (p. 51 – 63). Dubuque, IA:Kendall Hunt Publishing.


Professional Presentations

Hales, ME. (November, 2009).  “Strength Development: Program Design”.Paper presented at the Annual BlazeSports Sports Conference, Kennesaw, GA.


Hales, ME. (November, 2009).  “Powerlifting Training”.  Paper presented at the Annual BlazeSports Sports Conference, Kennesaw, GA.


Hales, ME. (April, 2009). “The Power of Sport”. Paper presented at the Arab-American Dialogue on Disability Issues: Access to the Workplace, Kennesaw State University, GA.


Hales, ME. (November, 2008).  “Strength Training Principles for Disability Sport”.  Paper presented at the Annual Georgia Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Reacreation and Dance, Savanna, GA.


Hales, ME & Hodge, M. (June, 2008).  “Strength Training Principles for TBI and CP”.  Paper presented at the Paralympic Military Sport Camp Traumatic Brain Injury / Cerebral Palsy, Tampa, FL.

Hales, ME.(March, 2007).  “Strength Training Principles and Powerlifting”.  Paper presented at the National Disability Sports Conference, Athens, GA.


Hales, ME & Johnson, JD. (April, 2008).  “Efficacy of Incorporating Video Feedback to Enhance Skill Acquisition”.  Paper presented at the Annual American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, Ft. Worth, TX.


Hales, ME. (April, 2004).  “Disability Sport Development: Sport Science Perspective”Paper presented at the US Department of State International Sport Development Workshop, Rabat, Morocco.


Current Grant Funded Projects

Hales, ME, Evans, N, & Johnson, JD  “The Effects of Exercise Training on Wheelchair Propulsion Economy and Imposed Upper Extremity Joint Forces”.  Awarded by the Shepherd Spinal Center - $6525  (2011)


Hales, ME & Johnson, JD.  “Walking on their hands: A wheelchair users perspective”. Awarded by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Kennesaw State University - $7733  (2010)


Johnson, BF, Johnson, CA, and Hales, ME. “Inclusive Recreation, Physical Activity and Sport Programming Targeting Youth with Physical Disability in Select Georgia Communities: A Cooperative Project to Impact on Leadership Skills, Educational Opportunities and Employability”.  Awarded by the U.S. Department of Education - Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services - The Rehabilitation Services Administration Service Programs - Recreational Program – CFDA #84.128J - $391,788  (2007-2010)


Professional Interests



  • Strength & Conditioning Program Design with Disability Sport

  • Prosthesis & Wheelchair Design for Sport

  • Powerlifting Program Design


Teaching Responsibilities



HPS 1000       Fitness for Living (Introductory course)
HPS 1030       Weight Training & Aerobic Conditioning
HPS 1850       Advanced Weight Training
HPS 3800       Biomechanics
HPS 4270       Research Methodology
HPS 4350       Exercise Assessment & Prescription
HPS 4500       Physiological Basis for Training & Performance