Kennesaw State University Student Health Center Now Bills Health Insurance Plans

This is an important message to update you about a new service offered at the Student Health Services (SHS) and to allow you time to prepare accordingly. Just like your health care provider at home, the SHS physician and nurse practitioners will begin accepting health insurance plans beginning this Fall semester, August 2013. This is good news for several reasons.

    • For many students the actual out-of-pocket costs will be lower than what they are now since more of the costs will be covered by your health insurance.  Many insurance companies cover preventive care charges at 100%.
    • Billing insurance will allow us to continue and enhance the current level of services we offer in spite of increasing costs and diminishing resources.
    • Campus surveys have shown that a significant number of our students are currently covered by health insurance plans. For several years, parents and students alike have been requesting that Student Health Services bill insurance carriers. Billing insurance is a common practice at university health centers nationwide and is now an option on this campus.

The amount of money that we will charge per visit will be based upon the type and complexity of the service and procedures provided. We will accept the University-sponsored health insurance, private insurance, or we can charge your student account. You will not need to bring money to your visit in order to be seen. The Health Center will accept the payment made by health insurance companies for office visits as payment in full. You could still incur additional charges if you receive medications, lab work or supplies not covered by your insurance.  Again, any services at the Student Health Center can be applied to your student account through the BURSAR’s office.

If you have insurance coverage, we want to bill your insurance company for services, SO BE SURE TO BRING YOUR INSURANCE CARD WITH YOU TO EVERY VISIT!  Just like your health care provider at home, the SHS staff will handle the entire process of billing your health insurance carrier; you will not have to file claim forms yourself. If you do not present your card (or a copy) at the time of service, be sure that SHS receives the information on the card or we will have to bill you for services.

Student Health Services strongly encourages all students to maintain adequate health insurance coverage at all times. Easy, quick access to health care when and wherever needed is important for students to avoid disruption of studies. Furthermore, maintaining adequate health insurance coverage will prevent severe financial hardship should unforeseen major medical care be required due to accident or illness. Kennesaw State University sponsors an affordable student health insurance through United Healthcare Insurance Company and coverage becomes effective on the first day of the term for which the proper premium has been paid. On this plan, no co-pays or deductibles are assessed for services provided at the Student Health Center. You may visit the insurance company site on-line at or pick up a brochure at the BURSAR’s office, or one of our three locations.

If you do not have insurance coverage and are unable to procure insurance, please don’t worry. SHS will continue to provide health care services to students regardless of their health insurance status or ability to pay. If you do not have health insurance, or you don’t want your insurance billed for certain confidentiality reasons, we have procedures in place to help you on an individual basis. Just ask our staff at your visit.

If you need additional information or have any questions, please call us at 770-423-6644, come visit us in the Student Health Center, or check us out at: