Student Health Advisory Committee

Mission and Goals

The primary initiatives of the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) are to provide an important student voice in health center operations, promote a positive and open channel of communication between KSU clinical staff and the student body, and to contribute additional awareness of student issues to the health services administration. SHAC is an organization comprised of students from varying academic backgrounds and campus-community involvements. Student health services are funded by student fees.

Additionally, SHAC members volunteer extra time to achieve these goals. Each semester, SHAC is given a set of objectives from Student Health Services, and the body itself also develops and commits to various projects. These can range from collecting satisfaction survey data from students who visit the health center to distributing complimentary resources (i.e. sunscreen and traveling safety tips) to students during the safe spring break campaign. These initiatives will be accomplished with regular monthly meetings at the health clinics with SHAC members and members os SHS staff

SHAC committee members are a part of the exciting changes and enhancements of Kennesaw State University’s Student Health Services program, including recent exciting additions and service enhancement:

    • Ear, Nose and Throat and Neck Physician;
    • Endocrinology Physician (Diabetes, Thyroid and Hormone Specialist);
    • Gynecology Physician
    • Psychiatrist
    • Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Members of SHAC may develop and present seminars to the entire health center staff, and serve on other internal and external committees as student representatives. SHAC is just one of many factors that make Student Health Services a student-centered facility that truly offers excellence in college health care, support and nurturing of the student body.

Do you want to be a member of SHAC? Download the application!