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KSU HPE TOSS Candidate Expectations

The HPE TOSS experience is an opportunity for our KSU health and physical education candidates to practice their teaching skills and to learn more about schools, student abilities and behaviors, and the role of a practicing professional. Below is an overview of expectations we have for our HPE TOSS students.

  • Candidates must complete a minimum of 40 hours during the semester. The days and times should be mutually agreeable between the CT and the practicum student.
    • At the Elementary Level, students spend their full 10 weeks working at one school, beginning mid- January ending late mid to late May. They will report to the school twice a week, for approximately two hours each visit, hopefully working with at least 2 different class levels.
    • At the Secondary Level, students split their 10 weeks between both Middle and High School Levels, reporting one day to the High School to work in a Health or Personal Fitness class, and one day a week to the Middle School to work in the PE setting.  These placements begin in early September and end in early to mid-November
    • Here you can view a general 10 week schedule highlighting candidate’s involvement at your school

  • We expect our candidates to be actively involved in this experience. Candidates are expected to actively assist teachers with student learning. Though their first visits to your school would be a time to mostly observe teacher/student interactions, we expect our candidates to progress from a passive observer to an active participant by the second week.   In addition to planning and teaching their own lessons, our expectation is that the student must be a positive contributor to the learning environment. Examples may include: 
    • Take roll if appropriate and lead the exercise routines if appropriate
    • Provide individual instruction for students needing extra attention
    • Provide small group instruction for units where it is easier to divide the class
    • Assist with skill and/or written tests (as appropriate)

  • Candidates must plan, teach and analyze their own lessons as part of the TOSS experience.  Candidates must meet the following requirements:
    • Candidates must complete 3 lessons at the elementary level
    • Candidates must complete 2 lessons in PE the middle school and 2 lessons focused on health or personal fitness at the high school. 
    • Two or more of the lessons taught are to part of a larger project candidates complete during their TOSS experience, their Impact on Student Learning Assignment, in which students must plan and implement 2+ lessons which include an assessment of student learning. 

While it is expected that the candidate develop their own lesson plans rather than use one provided by the CT, we do expect our candidates to be “collaborative professionals” to the extent that they can share and solicit ideas between themselves, the CT & their KSU supervisor in developing an appropriate lesson.  Lesson topics and dates must be agreeable to the CT, and a written plan should be presented to the CT and KSU Supervisor one week prior to instruction for approval.



Collaborating Teacher Expectations

The health and physical education faculty believe that the collaborating teacher (CT) is vital to the development of our majors.  We have high expectations for our students and encourage CT to maintain high expectations also.   The CT’s thoughtful feedback for the student throughout the semester will facilitate the development of teaching skills. 
There are essentially 2 levels of feedback that students are provided. First, the CT should provide informal feedback throughout the student’s daily experiences. This feedback can simply be answering questions the student has, giving insight into the decisions you make as a teacher, and generally sharing your knowledge as an experienced teacher.


Additionally, the CT is required to complete a formalized assessment that documents the student’s performance in your classes.  The formalized system for assessment does involve some paperwork, but we feel confident that it is not overly burdensome, and can be completed in a short amount of time.

Each of the formalized evaluation instruments are framed by the standards set forth by KSU and accrediting agencies, and are organized into the following 3 major outcomes:

  • Subject Matter Expert: Does the candidate possess content knowledge required for effective Health and PE instruction?
  • Facilitator of Learning: Can candidate design and implement HPE instruction that leads to student learning?
  • Collaborative Professionalism: Does candidate demonstrate a general disposition suited for teaching, and an ability to communicate with and  relate to students and school professionals?

The CT is expected to identify student performance levels following a descriptive rubric provided with the instrument. The levels are identified as unsatisfactory, basic/limited, approaching, target and exceeding. In addition to indicating performance levels, the CT can also offer general feedback in narrative form to better communicate candidate strengths & areas for improvement.


The formalized evaluation instruments that the collaborating teacher will be expected to complete include:

  • HPE Lesson Observation Form - This form is to be completed by the CT during/after observing each formal lesson taught by candidate. This form should be discussed with the candidate, who will then return to their KSU Supervisor.
  • Midterm Progress Report Form - This form will be submitted at the midpoint of the 10 week TOSS experience and essentially is used to identify any concerns that a CT may have about the student’s efforts or disposition.
  • Candidate Performance Instrument - This form is to be completed by the primary CT upon the completion of the TOSS candidate’s experience, and should provide an overall evaluation of the student’s performance in your school.  Please note that you will complete this form online using our assessment platform: Chalk and Wire. You will receive an email from the KSU Chalk & Wire system administrator that details steps to submit this form online.

A KSU supervisor from the Department of Health and Physical Education will be assigned to each candidate.  The supervisor has the responsibilities of making sure candidates are aware of responsibilities and expectations, as well as assuring that the CT understands their role in the TOSS experience.  The KSU supervisor will complete the same formalized evaluation instruments as the CT, and therefore will observe each lesson taught, either in person or view a recording of lesson if s/he cannot attend on the set date. 


Any issues that a CT has with a candidate’s performance or behaviors (i.e. attendance/tardiness, professionalism, etc.) should be brought to the attention of the KSU supervisor immediately so that the situation can be handled promptly.  The KSU supervisor will assure effective communication between the candidate, CT and supervisor, and is responsible for addressing concerns raised by any of the parties involved with the TOSS experience.   Please do not hesitate contacting the supervisor assigned to your school, or Andrew Smith, if you have any questions or concerns.


Andrew Smith


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Kandice Porter

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