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Dr. Kandice Porter

Department Chair

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Department of Health Promotion

and Physical Education

Kennesaw State University

Convocation Center

Mail Drop 0202

1000 Chastain Road

Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591



B.S. in Health and Physical Education

Advisement and Curriculum


All students contemplating majoring in Health and Physical Education should make an appointment to meet with Ms. Abby Dawson, HPE Advising Center Coordinator, to discuss the program and declare their major. Appointments can be scheduled by e-mailing

Once students declare Health and Physical Education as their major, they will be assigned a HPE Faculty Member as an advisor. It is highly recommended that majors meet with their advisor every semester to select courses, discuss program admission and eligibility requirements, and apply for field experience courses. Failure to meet regularly with advisors is likely to result in difficulties selecting the proper sequence of classes, and ultimately, delaying program admission and graduation.

Please make an appointment with your Academic Advisor prior to the start of registration!

What courses are required in the HPE Program?

The Health and Physical Education Checksheet outlines courses required in the teacher education program. However, this checksheet does not replace the need for periodic advisement from your HPE Major Advisor. Also, the Two Year Tentative Department Class Schedule is available to assist you with your schedule.


In what order should I take the required courses?

The Health and Physical Education program has outlined a suggested sequence of courses for our majors. However, it is highly recommended that students meet regularly with their HPE Major Advisor to select the proper sequencing of courses.


Students Transferring to Kennesaw State University Interested in the Health and Physical Education (P-12) Program

Students who are transferring to Kennesaw State University and are interested in the Health and Physical Education program are encouraged to make an appointment with Ms. Abby Dawson, HPE Advising Coordinator, to discuss the program and declare their major. Appointments can be scheduled by e-mailing, or visiting the Convocation Center at CC 3005.



Are there courses I should take prior to enrolling at Kennesaw State University?

If possible, we encourage students to complete as many of the program eligibility requirements as possible prior to transferring to KSU. In particular, we suggest students complete the following courses (or equivalent):

  • HPS 1000 – Fitness for Living (3 credit hours)
  • ENGL 1101 – Composition I (3 credit hours)
  • ENGL 1102 – Composition II (3 credit hours)
  • EDUC 2110 – Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education (3 credit hours)
  • BIOL 2221 – Human Anatomy and Physiology (3 credit hours; HPE does not require the lab)
  • Three professional skills courses (See checksheet for list of required courses)


If I transfer in EDUC 2110 do I need to do anything more?


If students take EDUC 2110 at any institution besides Kennesaw State University, they will need to have their instructor complete a Teacher Recommendation Form. The form can be found at:



What if I transfer a professional education course at another institution?

To ensure HPE candidates meet the standards required by the PTEU, NASPE and PSC, all transfer students will be required to take all courses in the Professional Education sequence (HPS 3450, HPS 3550, HPS 3650, HPS 3750, HPS 4250, HPS 4410, HPS 4430, and HPS 4850) at Kennesaw State University. Exceptions will be made only for those who can document their compliance with these standards through portfolio presentation of their work from courses completed elsewhere.



Are there any other requirements to transfer to KSU's HPE Program?

Yes, all transfer students MUST have a 2.75 Education Transfer GPA to be eligible to apply for Program Admission.