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Physical Activity Courses


The Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education is now offering a wide array of elective, 1 -credit hour, activity courses for Kennesaw State University Students. These classes are an opportunity for you to learn new leisure activities or sports and to develop the basic skills that will allow you to continue with these lifetime activities and sports. The courses focus on skill development, tactics, and strategies.


Please note that many of the classes are not held on the KSU campus, but in the surrounding community. Please visit this page for directions to class locations.


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Why should you take Physical Activity Courses?


  • Sports and other physical activities are a lot more FUN when you can play them well and with confidence!
  • Mastering a lifetime sport, has an impact on one’s quality of life across the lifespan.
  • The social interactions that occur in these classrooms are unique. They also go a long way toward participants feeling connected to the KSU community and culture.
  • You can earn academic credit toward graduation and, if you want do so in a “no risk” manner because you can opt to take classes on a Pass/Fail basis.


Course Listings


Sport Classes

Conditioning Classes



HPE 1030 Aerobics. & Weight Training
HPE 1480 Beginning Yoga
HPE 1490 Pilates
HPE 1510 Fitness Swimming
HPE 1530 Water Aerobics
HPE 1570 Walk/Jog for Fitness
HPE 1850 Advanced Strength & Aerobic


Dance Classes

HPE 1090 Ballet
HPE 1130 Jazz
HPE 1150 Modern
HPE 1170 Folk/Square/Social

HPE 1055 Archery
HPE 1060 Beginning Badminton
HPE 1075 Beginning Basketball
HPE 1080 Beginning Softball
HPE 1185 Beginning Soccer
HPE 1195 Intermediate Soccer
HPE 1210 Beginning Golf
HPE 1220 Cycling
HPE 1230 Martial Arts
HPE 1240 Mountain Biking
HPE 1260 Beginning Team Handball
HPE 1270 Flying Disc Sports: Ultimate
HPE 1280 Rock Climbing
HPE 1290 Stunts, Tumbling, & Gymnastics
HPE 1310 Beginning Swimming

HPE 1330 Intermediate Swimming
HPE 1390 Beginning Tennis
HPE 1395 Intermediate Tennis
HPE 1430 Beginning Volleyball
HPE 1435 Intermediate Volleyball
HPE 1450 SCUBA Diving
HPE 1470 Self Defense
HPE 1500 Sand Volleyball
HPE 1520 Beginning Ice Skating
HPE 1540 Indoor Soccer/Futsal
HPE 1590 Beginning Lacrosse
HPE 1610 Beginning Racquetball
HPE 1870 Beginning Fencing
HPE 2290 Wakeboarding: Special Topics

HPE 2290 Co-ed Rugby: Special Topics



Course Faculty

Classes are taught by highly qualified instructors, who are skilled at creating stimulating and enjoyable learning environments. Also, they are excellent role models for their activities.


Rudy Armocida (Rock Climbing)

Ed Baltes (Cycling, Mountain Biking)

Shell Boyer (Yoga)

Samantha Clark (Soccer/Futsal)

David Conyers (Rugby)

Robert Drello (Swimming)

Maynard Gardner (Basketball, Cond)

Monica Gerda (Walk/Jog)

Bernie Goldfine (Volleyball, Cycling)
Melissa Gunther (Ice Skating)
Eldridge Holloway (Martial Arts)
Amy Howton (Dance)
John Irvin (Tennis)
Kathy Lynn (Self Defense)
Scott McEwan (Volleyball)
Lauren Miller (Conditioning)
Nathan Padilla (Soccer)
Heather Ruhe (Golf)
Scott Schaad (Wakeboarding)
Brad Silverthorn (Racquetball)
Andrew Smith (Disc Sports, Ultimate)
Steve Walker (Volleyball)
Susan Walker (Yoga, Pilates)
Susan Whitlock (Archery, Badminton)


Physical Activity Course Facilities and Locations


Most courses are offered on the KSU Campus or Owl’s Perch, but others are offered in facilities nearby, less than 15 minutes drive time.


Credit Hours and Grading


Each Physical Activity Course taught in the HPE Department:

  • Is worth 1 credit hour.
  • Can be taken on a graded (A-F) or pass/no pass basis.


Did you know?


According to the National College Health Risk Behavior Survey, 35% of college age students are currently overweigh or obese and almost half do not meet the minimal guidelines for physical activity. Sadly, KSU students are well above national averages in terms of those who are currently overweight or obese (43%) and those not meeting minimal physical activity guidelines (52%).


The most rapid decline in physical activity occurs during late adolescence and early adulthood (NASPE Position Statement, 2007) Our Physical Activity Program helps students develop lifetime activity skills at a time when their level of activity is likely to be waning. Having these skill sets can significantly to the battle against inactivity & obesity. When you take an activity class, you are taking a big step in fighting off the “Freshman fiveor the Sophomore sixteen.”


For more information, please contact:


Dr. Bernie Goldfine

HPE Professor and Physical Activities Coordinator


Phone: 470-578-6216




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