MSN Nurse Practitioner Program - Course Descriptions

NURS 7715 Professional Advanced Practice Role Development & Health Care Issues 2-0-2
Topics: role development, today’s NP in society and healthcare system, ethical and legal decision-making, standards and regulations governing the practice of NPs.


NURS 7725 Advanced Practice Theory 2-0-2
Analyses and critiques various nursing theories. Includes research, communications, practice and professional autonomy.


NURS 7735 Advanced Health Assessment, Health Maintenance and Health Promotion 2-6-4
Develops skill and critical appraisal of the history and physical exam of clients of various age groups. Provides clinical practicum experience in primary care settings.


NURS 7746 Research Applications in Nursing 2-0-2
Builds upon student’s basic knowledge of research
process. Explores research design, methodology and data analysis, among others.


NURS 7755 Advanced Pharmacology 2-0-2
Expands knowledge of pharmacological principles, with emphasis on drugs commonly used for treatment of chronic diseases and minor acute illnesses.


NURS 7765 Advanced Pathophysiology 2-0-2
Provides advanced content concerning normal and abnormal human physiologic responses to certain pathophysiologic conditions.


NURS 8800 Clinical Management of Selected Common Health Conditions in Adults 3-0-3
Addresses the common health conditions affecting individuals aged 17 and older. Also explores the impact of health problems on the family unit.


NURS 8805 Clinical Management of Selected Common Health Conditions in Children 3-0-3
Provides exploration of theories and knowledge needed for child health supervision.


NURS 8815 Clinical Management of Selected Chronic Health Problems in the Middle-Aged and Older Adult 3-0-3
Addresses chronic health conditions frequently encountered in the primary care of older individuals, with attention to protocol development, referral, follow-up and client education.


NURS 8830 Clinical Management of Reproductive Health 2-0-2
Focuses on healthcare needs of essentially healthy women throughout reproductive years and beyond.


NURS 8850 Primary Care Residency I 1-9-4
Introductory practicum with approved nurse practitioner, physician assistant or physician
preceptor. Focuses on beginning clinical management skills. Includes case study and critique.


NURS 8851 Primary Care Residency II 1-9-4
Continues practicum experience with appropriate preceptors at variety of clinical sites.


NURS 8852 Primary Care Residency III 1-9-4
Clinical site practicum experience continues with Increasingly complex clinical management skills.


NURS 8853 Primary Care Residency IV 1-9-4
Capstone practicum experience where students synthesize all elements of clinical management skills.


NURS 8854 Primary Care Clinical Project 2-0-2
Knowledge and skills applied in care-focused project related to role of NP in research, healthpromotion and community education.





Numbers after course titles (ie., 3-0-3) designate number of class hours per week, number of lab hours per week, and semester hours of credit for the completed course.


For complete course description, please consult the KSU Graduate Catalog.