Accelerated Baccalaureate Program

Accelerated Program Overview


The accelerated program is an abbreviated four-semester program for students who hold baccalaureate degrees* in other disciplines.


If you are considering taking the accelerated program, please set up an appointment to talk with the nursing advising center staff to discuss your situation and to determine your ideal course load. This will allow you to effectively plan your smooth progression into the nursing program.


*This page is only for students who hold a bachelor's degree in another field of study. Other students interested in nursing should look at the BSN program, and nurses who are already RNs should look at the RN-BSN program.



Requirements and Prerequisites

  • Program Prerequisites - Courses which must be completed prior to applying to the program
  • Curriculum - The schedule of courses for the accelerated program
  • Program Application - Once you have confirmed that you have fulfilled the prerequisites, go here to apply to the program.
  • TEAS Information - Dates, Availability, and Registration




Program applications must be completed and submitted by a certain date to be eligible for consideration. Deadlines are as follows:

  • Spring Semester (of any year): ¬†Applications must be submitted between February 1 - June 30 for admission to the following January.
  • Fall Semester (of any year): Applications must be submitted between July 1 - January 31 for admission the following August.


If you have any questions after looking over the information presented above, please contact an advisor.