WellStar School of Nursing

Welcome to the WellStar School of Nursing, the largest nursing program in north Georgia. We offer the baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees and have an accelerated track for RNs and for students with degrees in other fields. Our graduates consistently perform above the national average on the state licensing exam and our nurse practitioner graduates have a high pass rate on the certification exam.




The WSON is now offering two certificate opportunities in the Advanced Care Management and Leadership Program.


We have received approval to offer certificates in both the Nursing Education Leadership track, and in the Nursing Administration and Health Policy track.

The Nursing Education Leadership certificate is 13 credit hours and can be completed in three semesters.  Students will take courses in curriculum design and evaluation, instructional methods and measurement of student learning, the use of technology in nursing education, and complete one practicum.

The Nursing Administration & Health Policy certificate is 14 credit hours and can be completed in two semesters.  Course work for this certificate will cover the role of the nursing leader in complex healthcare environments, health policy, conflict management, and ethics of leadership, as well as one practicum.

Additional information about these opportunities can be found on the WSON website, or by contacting: Jerryl Morris, Graduate Student Services Coordinator at jmorr132@kennesaw.edu, or the Associate Director, MSN Programs at gdorman@kennesaw.edu.




Closure of the RN-BSN Program

(ASN to BSN Bridge Program)


Following a review of the nursing programs in the WellStar School of Nursing, the decision has been made to discontinue the (ASN-BSN Bridge) curriculum option. This was a difficult decision; however, after reviewing the graduation rates from this program over the past three years it was clear that faculty resources used to support this curriculum option should be redirected to other programs within the School of Nursing. We recognize that this decision may be disappointing to students intending to enroll, but this decision is best for all parties since there are many other acceptable options for registered nurses to pursue in order to reach their education goals within and outside of the metropolitan Atlanta area, especially online programs.

Therefore, this letter serves as formal notice that the ASN-BSN bridge program will only accept new applicants in 2014 (deadline for application August 2014, commencement of Bridge Course January 2015) and we will be committed to these students through December 2016.