DeKalb Medical Center

Student Information

  1. Review Training Powerpoint
  2. Complete Sunrise Clinical Assessment
    • Print your first and last name
    • Date: Todays Date
    • Nursing School: Kennesaw State University
    • Complete Test
  3. Complete Clinical Orientation Check off Sheet
    • Initial each heading
    • Student Name: Print your name
    • Student Signature: Your Signature
    • College/School: Kennesaw State University
    • Semester/Year: Spring, Summer or Fall / current year
  4. Review and complete User Access and Confidentiality Agreement  
    • Enter Date (page 1)
    • Enter your name (page 1)
    • Under “User” 2nd column  (page 4)
    • By: Sign your name
    • Name: Print your name
    • Title: Nursing Student
    • Date: Todays date
    • Non-Employee System Access Request Form (page 5)
    • Non-Employee Name: Your Name
    • Company Name: Kennesaw State University
    • Address: 1000 Chastain Road   Kennesaw, GA 30144
    • Phone Number: Your day time telephone number
    • Fax #: N/A
    • E-mail Address: Your KSU E-mail address 
  5. Review and complete EXHIBIT B
    • Institution: Kennesaw State University
    • Date: Enter todays date
    • Student Signature: Your signature
    • Please Print Name: Print your name
    • Witness Signature: Have a witness to sign their name
    • Please Print Name: Have the witness above to print their name
  6. Log into your Advantage Student Account and select DeKalb Medical to view your results


Document Checklist


Sunrise Clinical Assessment (5 pages)

Clinical Orientation Check off Sheet (1 page)

User Access and Confidentiality Agreement (5 pages)

Exhibit B (1page)