St. Joseph's Hospital

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Medical Documents that must be submitted with your clinical paperwork

  1. Proof of current negative PPD or Quantiferon Gold within a year, if you have a positive PPD or Quantiferon Gold submit a copy of your chest X-ray report
  2. Proof of tetanus within ten years
  3. Proof of Varicella & MMR or titer value report
  4. Proof of three Hepatitis B series AND Hep B titer value report

    If you do not have a titer value report for HEP B:
    1. Make an appointment at the KSU Clinic House 52 @ 470-578-6644 or your Personal Health Care Provider
    2. The cost is $15.00 for the HEP B titer at the KSU Clinic
    3. It takes two days for HEP B titer value report to be complete (must submit with your clinical paperwork)

    You can submit Page one of your physical, attach additional immunization documents to ensure all above medical requirements are met.

Document Checklist


Student Orientation Sheet, signed on line 1

Quiz (Student Orientation Answer Sheet - 1 page)

Medical Documents

Confidentiality Statement Form (1 page)

Acknowledgment of HIPPAA(1 page)

Computer Logon ID Request Form (1 page)