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Marie Bremner

Marie N. Bremner, PhD, RN
HS 3011
Phone: 470-578-6337

Email: mbremner@kennesaw.edu



Academic Degrees




Nursing: Ed Administration

University of Alabama at Birmingham




Adult Health Nursing: Teacher Role

Old Dominion University





Syracuse University



Professional Experience




Professor of Nursing  Kennesaw State University



Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA



Recent Professional Activities



Publications in Professional Journals

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Professional Presentations

  • Bremner, M., Church, L, George, D., Gonzales, I, & Spurgeon, M. (April, 2011).   Best Practiced in Developing a Remediation Plan.  ATI National Nurse Educator Summit, Orlando FL (National).
  • Mareno, N., Emerson, C., & Bremner, M. Creative Uses of Audience Response Systems to Enhance Learning in a Nursing Fundamentals Course. Georgia Association for Nursing Education Conference, “Facilitating Excellence in Nursing Education,” Pine Mountain, Georgia, February 2010. State conference. Paper presentation (National).
  • Emerson, C. & Bremner, M. (January 2009) Teaching technology in healthcare: A collaborative approach. Poster presented at Mosby’s Faculty Development Institute, Orlando, FL. (National)
  • Bremner, M.  (October, 2008) The Path of Learning: Strategies to Energize Educators. Paper presented to the Pennsylvania Lea due for Nurses Annual Meeting, Allentown, PA
  • Bremner, M.  (October, 2008) Test Taking Strategies and Mind Mapping Techniques.  Paper presented to the Georgia Nursing Student Annual Convention, Columbus GA
  • Emerson, C. & Bremner, M. (November 2007) Laying the foundation for technology for nursing students: Offering opportunities for visibility for health care partners. Poster presented at Nurse Educator/Nurse Executive Summit sponsored by Nursing Economics, Phoenix, AZ. (National)
  • Bremner, M. & Bennett, D.  (October, 2006).  Best Practices and outcomes of a Partnership Model for Second Degree students: The KSU Accelerated BSN Program.  Poster Presentation at the First International Symposium on Excellence in Second-Entry Baccalaureate Nursing Education: Best Practice Locally & Globally, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
  • Bremner, M.  (March, 2006) Nursing Concepts Made Insanely Easy.  Podium presentation at the New York Nurses Students Annual Convention, White Plains, NY. (National)
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  • Bremner, M. (April, 2005).  Soaring through NCLEX-RN Success.  Paper Presented to the Virginia Community College System Allied Health & Nursing Annual Peer Group Conference, Williamsburg, VA(National)
  • Bremner, M.   (October, 2004)  The Effects of the Human Patient Simulator on anxiety and Perceptions of Confidence and comfort level of First Semester Baccalaureate Nursing Students. Paper presented at the NLN Educational Summit Meeting, Orlando, FL. (National)
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  • Bremner, M.  (April, 2003) Soaring through NCLEX-RN Success.  Key Note Address for Eastern Pennsylvania League of Nursing Annual Meeting, Philadelphia,  (National)
  • Bremner, M. & Church, D.   (November, 2002) Using the Human Patient Simulator to promote    nursing student confidence. Paper presented at the 7th National Nurse      Educator Conference: Assessing Program Outcomes.  Indianapolis. (National)
  • Brannan, J. & Bremner, M. (2001). Decision-Making in an Online Simulated Environment, Poster session at Nursing Education 2001 Conference, Philadelphia PA  (National)
  • Bremner, M. & Brannan, J.  (September, 2000)  Enhancing Decision-Making with Computerized Clinical Simulations.  Paper presented at the 13th District GNA Association. (Local)
  • Bremner, M. & Intili, H.  (October, 2000)  Preparing Future Nursing Leaders for Practice in a Culturally Diverse Work Environment within a Large Urban Hotel. Cultural Competence in Practice Workshop.  KSU
  • Bremner, M. & Intili, H.   (April, 2000)  Development of an Academic and Community Partnership: Using the Neuman Systems Model at a Large Urban Hotel, Vancouver, BC. ( International)

Current Grant Funded Projects

  • Bremner, M.  & Bennett DIntellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP), Georgia Board of Regents, 2002 – 2008  $ 2,362,304
  • Bremner, M. Private Partner Funds from Hospitals in Northwest Georgia, 2002- 2008  $ 480,000

Journal Reviewer for Simulation Research

  • Western Journal of Nursing Research
  • Nurse Educator Today


Professional Interests



  • Nursing Education and Innovative Teaching Methods
  • Use of audience response systems in the nursing classroom.
  • Simulation in Nursing Education  and Nursing Practice
  • Patient Safety
  • Competencies for NCLEX-RN Success
  • Preparing Students and Faculty for NCLEX-RN Success Spiritual
  • Holistic Healing Modalities


Teaching Responsibilities



  • NURS 3209 - Holistic Nursing

  • NURS 4402 - Nursing Research

  • NURS 4417 - Advanced Clinical Practicum

  • NURS 4427 - Laying the Foundation for Technology in Nursing