MSN in Advanced Care Management and Leadership Program - Nursing Education Track Course Descriptions

NURS 7715 Professional Advanced Practice Role Development & Healthcare Issues 2-0-2
Topics include role theory, change theory, and leadership theory as they apply to advanced practice nursing. Ethical and legal decision-making are explored.


NURS 7725 Healthcare Theory 2-0-2
Theories from healthcare, nursing and related fields are analyzed and critiqued from the perspective of theory development and utilization. Theoretical concepts are considered as applied to advanced practice nursing in research, communication, practice and professional autonomy.


NURS 7735 Advanced Health Assessment, Health Maintenance & Health Promotion 2-6-4
Develops skill and critical appraisal of the history and physical exam of clients. Health promotion, risk screening and disease prevention are emphasized.


NURS 7746 Research Applications & Outcome Evaluations I 2-0-2
Builds upon student’s basic knowledge of research process by exploring research design, methodology, data analysis and outcome evaluation for relevant problems encountered by the advanced practice nurse.


NURS 7747 Research Applications & Outcome Evaluations 2 2-0-2
Builds upon student’s basic knowledge of research process and continues the instruction begun in NURS 7746 (Research Design & Methodology).


NURS 7755 Advanced Pharmacology 2-0-2
Expands knowledge of pharmacological principles, including pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, with emphasis on enhancing the knowledge necessary to improve client care outcomes.


NURS 7765 Advanced Pathophysiology 2-0-2
Provides advanced content concerning normal and abnormal human physiologic responses to pertinent pathophysiologic conditions.


NURS 7780 Ethics of Leadership 2-0-2
Explores ethical and legal frameworks, theories and applications that relate to leadership, management and decision-making in healthcare organizations.


NURS 7785 Health Policy and Finance 2-0-2
Explores understanding of current state of healthcare, financing, organization, role of government in healthcare and historical perspective.


NURS 7790 Innovative Teaching & Learning Strategies 2-0-2
Assists in understanding the development and implementation of educational courses, seminars, workshops or community programs for staff, students, clients or community members.


NURS/ 7791 Seminar in Principles of Conflict Management for Adv. Practice Nursing 1-0-1
Seminar introduces principles, theories and skills of conflict management.


NURS 7792 Curriculum, Instruction & Evaluation in Organizations 4-0-4
Provides the advance practice nurse theoretical underpinnings or curriculum development, instruction and evaluation needed in diverse healthcare organizations, including academic nursing programs.


NURS 8863 Advanced Leadership Project 3-0-3
Allows students to use acquired skills in a focused project related to the role of the advance practice nurse in advanced care management.


NURS 8870 Assuming Leadership Role in Nursing Education—Practicum I 2-6-2
Consists of an introductory practicum with a preceptor/site identified as appropriate for student’s area of interest in the nursing education leadership track and approved by the director.


NURS 8871 Assuming Leadership Role in Nursing Education—Practicum II 4-12-4
Consists of the second practicum course with a preceptor/site identified as being appropriate for the nursing education student’s area of interest.


NURS 8872 Assuming Leadership Role in Nursing Education—Practicum III 4-12-4
Continuation of the practicum experience.




Numbers after course titles (ie., 3-0-3) designate number of class hours per week, number of lab hours per week, and semester hours of credit for the completed course.


For complete course description, please consult the KSU Graduate Catalog.