Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Prerequisite Requirements


The minimum requirements for consideration for admission to the BSN program are:

  • Must complete at least 7 of the following 12 prerequisite courses to apply to the nursing program, 5 of which must be from the math & science (biology & chemistry) requirements (all 12 must be completed prior to entering the NURS 3209 Holistic Nursing course):

    MATH 1101 or MATH 1111 - Math Modeling or College Algebra

    MATH 1107 - Statistics

    CHEM 1151 AND LAB - Fundamentals of Chemistry I & Lab*

    CHEM 1152 AND LAB - Fundamentals of Chemistry II & Lab*

    BIOL 2221 AND LAB - Anatomy & Physiology I & Lab*

    BIOL 2222 AND LAB - Anatomy & Physiology II & Lab*

    BIOL 2261 - Microbiology & Lab*

    ENGL 1101 - English Comp I

    ENGL 1102 - English Comp II

    PSYC 1101 - General Psychology

    PSYC 3305 - Developmental Psychology

    SOCI 2105 - General Sociology

    *Science courses older than 10 years at time of application, must be retaken for consideration into the program.
    Check with the School of Nursing for acceptable substitutions
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.7.
  • A grade of C or better in all prerequisite and major requirements. Courses may only be repeated once.
  • Completion of the TEAS Entrance Exam (limited to 2 attempts within a one-year period) BEFORE THE APPLICATION DEADLINE.
    • Study guide available at:
    • Register for test at: KSU Mall

Kennesaw State University’s Nursing program encourages you to declare Nursing as your major and begin taking the general education component of the program at your earliest convenience. Keep in mind, however, the Nursing program is highly competitive, with many more applicants than the number of students that can be accommodated. Students earning the greatest number of A’s and B’s in the prerequisite courses are the most likely for admission.

It is most advantageous to discuss your goals, timeline and outside commitments with the nursing advisement center staff to determine your course load. The two of you can then effectively plan your smooth progression into the Nursing Program.


If you have any questions about the BSN program prerequisites, or any other aspect of the BSN program, please contact an advisor to learn more.