Department of Social Work and Human Services

Monica Nandan

Monica Nandan, Ph.D., MSW, MBA

Professor, Interim Dean

Phone: 470-578-6565

Fax: 770-302-9225


Office: HS 4103



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Ph. D

School of Social Work

Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.



School of Social Work

Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.



Health Care

Augusta University, Augusta, Georgia.


MBA Finance

Institute of Management and Development Research, Member of the Poona University System, Poona, India.

B.Com. Bachelor of Commerce, Accountancy and Auditing

University of Poona, India.




Honors, Awards, and Fellowships



Journal Publications, Conference Proceedings & Newsletters


______& Scott, P. (Forthcoming). An innovative interprofessional education model to engage community and nonclinical participants. Journal of Interprofessioal Care.


______& Scott, P. (Forthcoming). Interprofessional practice and education: Holistic          approaches to complex health care challenges. Journal of Allied Health.


 _____ & London, M. (2013).  Interdisciplinary Professional Education: Training College Students for Collaborative Social Change. Education +Teaching, 55(8/9), 815-835.


______& Scott, P. (2013).  Social entrepreneurship and social work: The need for a  transdisciplinary education model. Administration in Social Work. 37(3), 257-271.    Elink:


—————-& Scott, Patricia (2012).  Social Entrepreneurship and Social Work: The Need for a Transdisciplinary Education Model. Administration in Social Work. Available online at


———& Scott, Patricia (2011, September). Intellectual Entrepreneurs and Interdisciplinary Education. NASW Missouri News, 38(1), p. 7


——-& Scott, Patricia (2011). Preparing strategists and innovators for nonprofits in 21st century: An interdisciplinary model. Paper published in proceedings for the ARNOVA International Conference, Toronto, Canada. November.






______Social workers as social innovation: Illustrations from the field. Manuscript for      submission to Qualitative Social Work.


______Social workers’ perspectives on social entrepreneurship in Missouri. Manuscript      for submission to Advances in Social Work.


___________ Social Workers as Social Entrepreneurs: Illustrations from the field. Research manuscript for submission to Qualitative Social Work.


Nandan, M. & London, M. Preparing Students for Cross-Sector Partnerships, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship. Manuscript for submission to the Journal of Higher Education.



Conference Presentations


---------, Robinson-Dooley, V. & Wade-Berg, J. (2012, November). Nonprofit Health Clinic: Role of Interdisciplinary Pedagogy and Development of Intellectual Entrepreneurs. Paper accepted for presentation at the ARNOVA Conference, Indianapolis, IN.


------------(2012 April). Cross-sector alliances and community engagement: relevance for social work managers.  Abstract published and presentation at the Network for Social Work Managers Annual Institute.


-----------(2012, April). Promote & Practice Social Entrepreneurship: Role of Social Work Education and Social Work. Abstract published and workshop at the Network for Social Work Managers Annual Institute.


——————-(2011, September). Make your job easier: partnerships and sustainable impact. Presentation at the Annual MidAmerican Assistance Coalition conference. Kauffman Center, Kansas City, MO.


——————-(2011, September). Innovation and sustainable social change: strategies for human service organizations. Presentation


_________(2011, July). Social entrepreneurship through community empowerment. Presentation at Tata Institute for Social Sciences, School of Management and Labor Studies, Mumbai, India.


______________ (2011, Feb). Creating change through engagement and empowerment. Presentation for Central Exchange Leadership Series: Women leading Change.




For complete CV, please click on a link: ( Word / PDF )