Department of Social Work and Human Services

Comments and Feedback from 2011 and 2012 MSW Cohorts


My best experience in the program was the quality of time the professors were giving to students. The Department of Social Work provided that learning environment and experience for students.
Being provided with clinical expertise from professors with extensive clinical experiences.
Being a part of a cohort was the best experience of this program. I grew very close to everyone and I have met wonderful people.
I really liked being a part of a cohort program. I liked working with the same group of people for [the] entire two years. I also enjoyed having the internship along with the classes to be able to practice group work. The Professors were very helpful and professional. They taught me a lot as well as helping me with any difficult situations that arose during my time in the program.
Various types of effective communication skills were gained throughout this program when working with diverse groups of people.
I gained a lot of self-awareness.
I believe the program was much more macro focused than I perceived it would be upon entering the program. The primary frameworks that I learned in the program and I always work from are person-in-environment and strengths perspectives. I learned that advocacy comes in many forms and must include the individuals being affected by whatever injustice.
Overall , great professors who clearly love their profession. Knowledge base was superb. Professors were accessible for the most part.
Professors such as.... who show their knowledge and respect for the field through their passion and determination.
The MSW program consisted of two years well spent. The staff is the strength of the program. They were knowledgeable and compassionate. Their shared experiences helped me and my cohorts grow in wisdom and prepare for our careers. When comparing my experience with other MSWs in the field, I find that Kennesaw State's program greatly exceeded other programs.