Department of Social Work and Human Services

Master of Social Work - Requirements

The MSW program at Kennesaw State University is committed to a fair, facilitative, and effective process for selecting students for admission. A strengths perspective informs the program’s theoretical foundation. The selection process is guided by its goals and objectives, which are derived from its mission to train social work professionals in order to improve the quality of life in the community. “Improving the quality of life” refers, not only to the clients and communities that the social workers will ultimately serve, but also, to the potential students, as they seek to gain admission to the MSW program. Given this perspective, the Kennesaw State University MSW program takes the admissions process very seriously, considering a wide range of criteria in assessing the strengths of each applicant.


The MSW program is a 2 year full-time program that accepts students with a baccalaureate degree in liberal arts oriented disciplines.


Applicants seeking admission to the two-year, full-time MSW plan of study must satisfy the following requirements:


A. Hold a baccalaureate degree that, preferably, reflects a broad liberal arts base in the social, behavioral or psychological sciences, human biology, the humanities or statistics. The baccalaureate degree must be from an institution accredited in a manner accepted by Kennesaw State University.


B. Have a GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale over the last 60 hours of study, as indicated on official college or university transcript received directly from the degree-granting institution. Course work from all two and four year institutions should be submitted directly by the institutions.


C. Completed application to the Office of Graduate Admissions no later than March 5th for enrollment in August of the same year. Early application is strongly encouraged. Early screening of applicants begins in February. It is highly advisible to have all application material on file before February.


D. Three letters of recommendation.

  • One from a faculty member familiar with the applicant’s academic work
    Note: if unable to locate an academic reference you may add one additional professional reference.
  • Two from a former employer, field supervisor or someone else with expertise in social work

E. An autobiographical statement, maximum 1500 words, double-spaced, that includes the following:

  • Your experience in social work, including volunteer experience.
  • The life experiences impacted your interest in social work.
  • Your personal qualities that will be useful in serving others as a social work professional.
  • Your values that will be useful in serving others as a social worker
  • Your career goals and how social work education will help you realize these goals.

F. A minimum combined, verbal and quantitative, score of 285 (800 on GRE Scores prior to 2012) on Graduate Record Examination (GRE) taken within five years prior to application for admission.


G. International applicants: Refer to KSU policies for additional application requirements.


Admissions Process

All application material must be submitted directly to graduate admissions. The student’s application and supportive material serve as the basis for the selection process. The MSW Admissions Panel will review student’s completed packet for consideration of acceptance to the Social Work Program. An interview or meeting with members of the program faculty may be required. Applicants will receive official written notification of the decision of the Admissions Panel.