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Today, more than 36 million Americans are over the age of 65. By 2030, there will be about 72.1 million older persons, more than twice their number in 2000. Due to these statistics, interest in the field of gerontology has increased in recent years. Younger generations must come up with ways to best care for and manage critical issues in healthcare and welfare for this aging population.

Continuing Education at Kennesaw State University offers two certificates in the field of gerontology: Applied Management in Gerontology and General Professional. Both programs cover the myriad of issues that older people, families, and our population will face as the number of older Americans continues to increase.

Is this field right for you? People who work with aging adults have a strong desire to help others, effective communication skills, a sense of responsibility, and the ability to manage time effectively. A job in human services involves direct contact with people who require patience and understanding. If these qualities describe your personality, a career in social services might be right for you. Read about our certificate program below to learn more.

The purpose of gerontology education is to present facts and information about aging today. The study of gerontology covers the issues that older people and their families will face. It deals with issues that an aging society will raise for all of us.

Professional Development in Gerontology Certificate

Our Professional Development in Gerontology Certificate offers opportunities in the field of aging for those who work with older adults. The course offered is organized around a partnership model honoring and utilizing the skills and knowledge of academics, practitioners and other gerontology professionals. This program examines the revolution that is occurring in the US and the world as the average age of the population continues to rise. Included in the certificate are opportunities to look at generational differences, growing diversity in aging, the social worlds of older people, social theories of aging, and changing family roles.

The program includes interdisciplinary teaching, supportive, learning, exposure to leaders in aging, applications to your workplace and will be completed in 9 months.

Students are required to propose an applied project (individual or group) which must approved by their supervisor. At least 13 hours of work on the project must be documented. Students report on the results at the end of the course. Registration includes a working lunch. Textbooks are purchased separately through the KSU Center bookstore.

Click the headings below to learn more.

Course Topics

Topics for the course include:

  • The aging revolution
  • Theories of aging: biological, social and psychological
  • Diversity of the aged population
  • Personal health and well-being
  • Life-span development
  • Memory and cognition
  • Healthcare system
  • Economics of aging
  • Retirement and work
  • Housing and transportation
  • Leisure, recreation and education
  • Family life and social support
  • Death and dying
  • Politics of aging
  • The aging network
Course Benefits

The benefits of the Professional Development in Gerontology Certificate are:

  • To increase your knowledge, skills and confidence in the aging field.
  • To be prepared for emerging roles and new challenges in the aging arena.
  • To meet leaders and other professionals in the aging field.
  • To increase your organization’s level of professionalism.
Scholarship Opportunities

There are scholarships available. View the scholarship requirements. For additional information about the program or scholarships available, call 470-578-3340.

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