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Summer University Forms & FAQs

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Grade & Classmates

Grades listed for each course title are for the 2013 academic year, i.e. 1-3 grades is for rising first through 3rd graders.

Q. My child is in the second grade, but the course I want to enroll them in says grades 3 - 5, can they still attend? She/he is very mature for her age.
A. There are a number of classes for all grades and interests. The grades listed for each summer class are determined through careful planning by the instructor and program manager and chosen for specific, well thought-out reasons. To ensure the best experience for your child and other children, we ask that you do not enroll a child in a class who is younger or older than the grades listed. There are academic, social and even physical reasons why it is best that your child attend only classes designed specifically for her or his grade.

Q. What if their older/younger sibling attends with them?
A.The academic, social and physical reasons for having designated ages for the class do not change with the attendance of an age appropriate sibling. In addition, we would not want either child's experience to be hindered because they are worrying about looking out for their little brother or being smothered by an older sister. Let your child spread their wings in a camp by themselves that allows them to enjoy, learn, and create an experience that is all their own.

Q. May I sit in on the class to observe?
A.We realize that you are curious and want to ensure that your child is having a valuable experience. However, it is extremely distracting and often disruptive for an adult other than the instructor and assistant, to be present during class time. Many of the classes have special events during the week to which parents are invited. Drop off and pick up time is an excellent time to get to talk with the teacher and see some of the things your child is learning. Most importantly though, is to talk to your child and ask questions about her or his class. If you have any concerns about your child's experience, please contact the program manager to discuss them.

What should students wear?

Students should dress for comfort and safety, and in clothing that they can get messy in for the art camps. We request that no shoes with wheels be worn to camps. Remember students need to be cool enough for outdoor activities and comfortable in air-conditioned classrooms.


Q. My child is attending several camps this summer, do I have to fill out all the forms for each camp?
A. No. Please give the originals to the first camp your child attends, we will make photocopies for subsequent camps. You can find a copy of all forms here.


Lunch will not be provided for any student. Students will need to bring their lunch. No refrigeration is available but students are allowed to bring individual coolers. Drink and snack machines are available and will accepts coins and/or crisp dollar bills. All students will attend a supervised lunch in our designated summer lunch area.

Behavior Problems

Because we want our Summer U to have the most conducive environment for learning and fun, we have to make sure that everyone is respecting their teachers, assistants, and fellow classmates. The teacher will handle the first incidence of behavior problems. If the problem continues, the program manager will be notified and parents will be contacted. Involvement in any sort of physical or verbal violence will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will be cause for immediate and permanent dismissal from Summer U.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

There are no scholarships or financial aid available at this time.