Center for Conflict Management



Find out what conflict management is all about! Learn new skills, build your resume, and earn CEUs while exploring topics such as "Integrating Conflict Management into Your Workplace," "Tolerance and Understanding," and "Communication skills," "Intercultural Conflict Management," "Planning Successful Meetings."



General Civil Mediation CertificationTraining   June 2-5, 2014
Leadership and Management Training   July 7-11, 2014
International Arbitration Training for Nigerian Judges and Attorneys   July 14-16, 2014
Mediation Training for African Judges and Attorneys   July 18-23, 2014
ADR/Mediation Training for African Judges and Attorneys   August 11-15, 2014



Coaching Through Conflict: Using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument   September 13, 2013
Domestic Relations Mediation Practicum   September 23-24, 2013
Specialized Issues in Domestic Violence Mediation Training   October 14-15, 2013
Civil Mediation Training and Practicum   October 15-19, 2013
Party Preparation and Mediator Pressure   November 13, 2013
General Mediation Certification   Feb 28, March 1, 7, & 8





Basic Modules
• Communication Skills
• Dealing with Difficult People & Situations
• Culture & Conflict
• Managing Customer Service Conflicts
• Managing Healthcare Conflicts
• Managing Education Conflicts
• Managing Human Resources Conflicts
• Mediation Skills
• Negotiation

Advanced Modules
• Advanced Mediation Skills & Practicums
• Coaching for Conflict Management
• Designing Conflict Management Systems
• Diversity Issues & EEOC Conflicts
• Managing Public Disputes and Community Conflict
• Multi-party Facilitation Skills
• Planning Public Meetings
• Workplace Mediation

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