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Chinese Proficiency Tests

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HSK - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is HSK?

A: Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) or the Chinese Proficiency Test is a standardized examination for evaluating one’s proficiency in modern Chinese language. HSK is specifically designed for foreigners, overseas Chinese and students from Chinese national minorities.


Q: Who Designs HSK Tests?

A: All HSK tests are designed by the HSK Center of Beijing, Language and Culture University located in Beijing, China. The Center’s entire work, from making tests to issuing certificates, is supervised by the National Commission of Chinese Proficiency Test under the Ministry of Education of China. All HSK certificates are issued by the National Commission of Chinese Proficiency Test, which is under the Ministry of Education of China.


Q: Who Will Grade My Test?

A: After a test is given, the answer sheets will be sealed and taken back to Beijing immediately to be graded by the HSK Headquarters. Chinese Proficiency Testing Center at Kennesaw State University will not be responsible for grading any examinations.


Q: Who is eligible to apply to take HSK Tests?

A: The application is open to all interested people, without discrimination according to age, race, nationality, or religion.


Q: Who should I consult about Receiving Credits or if I have other Academic Concerns?

A: Students with questions about credits or waivers should consult the academic advisors of their respective schools. The Chinese Proficiency Testing Center does NOT handle the distribution of credits or any other academic policies.


Q: How can I view my test score?

A: 30 days after the end of the test, you can visit the HSK test service website, to retrieve your score. -Input the unique number given on your Test Admit Card and your name as it is shown on the Test Admit Card in the "Score" field on the home page, and then you can view your test score. Please note that the information you input must match that on the Test Admin Card.


Q: When do I receive my test score report?

A: 45 days after the end of the test, the test score report will be mailed to your testing centre. Please bring your Test Admit Card to receive it there.


Q: I lost my test score report, how can I receive another?


How can I apply for multiple copies of the report?

A: You can log into the HSK test service website,, and apply for additional HSK test score reports on the "Personal Center" page and pay a certain fee online, then Chinese Testing International (CTI) will send you the test score reports to your designated address.


Q: Will My HSK Certificate Expire?

A: Your HSK certificate expires after 2 years.


Q: May I Retake a Same Category Test?

A: Yes. If your test score does not meet the passing grade, you can take the same category test again at any HSK test site worldwide. There is no waiting period and no limit of how many times you can take the test. You must reapply in order to re-take the test.


Q: How do I Inform My School of My Test Scores?

A: You may copy the certificate and send it to your school and we will send a letter of recommendation regarding the fulfillment or waiver of certain academic requirements to your school per your request.


Q: How Useful Are HSK Certificates?

A: Your HSK certificate(s) can serve the following purposes: 


Q: When was the Chinese Proficiency Testing Center at Kennesaw State University Formed?

A: The Chinese Proficiency Testing Center at Kennesaw State University was set up in May 2003 and the first test was administered on November 1, 2003.


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