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The “Customer Service Improvement Initiative” was launched by Governor Sonny Perdue in August, 2006 in an effort to serve as both a catalyst and a vehicle to create a fundamental change in our culture towards better customer service across all areas of service. The Governor asked that every state agency, including the University System of Georgia, assist in achieving the goal of making Georgia the best-managed state in the country by providing faster processes so customers can get business done quickly, friendlier service in a customer-oriented culture, and easier access to services.

This initiative is fully supported by Chancellor Erroll B. Davis, Jr. and the Chancellor has asked each institute within the University System to appoint a Customer Service Champion. Kennesaw State University is joining this statewide effort in providing better services to its students as well as to other KSU constituents and has appointed Paula Billups, Sr. Training Specialist, to succeed Linda Lyons, as the KSU Customer Service Champion.

Paula will be responsible for working with KSU units to develop customer service improvement plans that will address the unit’s specific customers and assess the unit’s services. These plans will engage the views of the customers and employees and will also produce a clear and measurable outline in tracking the unit’s progress towards improving customer service at KSU.

The following units have previously submitted customer service improvement plans:

August 2011 Human Resources Payroll Department CSI Plan
June 2010 Department of University Admissions CSI Plan
January 2008 Continuing Education CSI Plan
January 2007 Auxiliary Services - Bookstore CSI Plan
January 2007 Business Services CSI Plan
August 2006 Office of Student Financial Aid CSI Plan

The Center for University Learning also offers customer service training workshops through its catalog training offerings that address key attributes for enhancing customer service skills.

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