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Inquiry Goals/Questions:

The Campus Climate team established two major goals: 1) Develop a definition of campus climate, and 2) Assess the campus climate at KSU. The latter goal became the primary research question: What is the climate on the KSU campus with regard to various dimensions of diversity and equity.

Research Methods:

The team recognized the need to collect both qualitative and quantitative data in its effort to assess campus climate.

Focus Groups Conducted

  Work & Family Life Balance Recruitment & Retention
Staff July 24, 2007 July 26, 2007
Faculty August 16, 2007 August 16, 2007

Synthesis of Focus Group Data

  • Positives
  • Concerns
  • Questions to be researched
  • Recommendations

Surveys Underway and Planned

  • January 2008 – Faculty – Sloan Foundation Survey of Faculty Career Flexibility
  • April 2008 – Staff – Survey developed in-house with Burruss Institute
  • August 2008 – Students – Survey comparable to EBI Campus Climate Survey

Recommendations Made:

  • Provide funds to continue assessments
  • Create a structured mentoring program, with appropriate compensation
  • Provide child and elder care support
  • Offer different payment distribution options, such as spreading 10-month salary over 12 months
  • Provide flexible work-schedule options (e.g. telecommuting and flex scheduling) and the ability to stop the tenure clock
  • Provide diversity training for faculty, staff and administrators
  • Provide more guidance to search committees to ensure process consistency
  • Establish reward systems for employees who acquire additional skills or education, or continually perform above average, but do not or cannot advance into other roles
  • Seek “out of the box” solutions to diversity-related challenges, looking beyond narrowly-defined peers
  • Recognize and reward diversity-oriented scholarship and service