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This section of our Website identifies faculty and staff participants from the DEAI project. We also include biographical profiles and contact information for the project’s team leaders.

  Team Leader:
Thierry Léger, Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Associate Professor of French

Phase One Team Leader:
Katherine Kinnick, Professor, University Studies

Mansour Abusaid, Systems Support Specialist of the Bagwell College of Education
Terri Arnold, Project Manager of External Affairs
Jane Barnette, Assistant Professor of Music
Kevin Johnson, Assistant Professor, Department of Inclusive Education
Shannon Kinman, Grants Officer of Budgets and Sponsored Operations
Army Lester, Professor of Biology
Oral Moses, Professor of Music
Michael Redd, Assistant Athletic Director
Sabine Smith, Associate Professor of German
Valerie Whittlesey, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and CETL Fellow
  Note: During phase one, this team changed its name from “Institutional Viability and Vitality” to “Structures and Resources.”

CONTACT: tleger@kenensaw.edu


  Team Leader:
Ivan Pulinkala, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies

Phase One Team Leaders:
Tom Pusateri and Dede Yow, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Marla Bell, Assistant Chair of Math and Statistics
Alda Blakeney-Wright, Instructor, Elementary and Early Childhood Education
Kenneth Bridges, Director of PeopleSoft, Business and Finance
Lisa Duke, Director, Office of Alumni Affairs
Julio Espana, Director of International Student Admissions
Tamara Grooms, Director, Financial & Personnel Administration (Continuing Education)
Angie Nunz, Accountant, Business Services
Nichole Phillips, Assistant Director of Minority Student Retention Services
Sam Robinson, Assistant Dean, College of the Arts
Angela Teachey, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Richard Vengroff, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Maurice Wilson, Assistant Professor, Elementary and Early Childhood Education
Brian Wooten, Director of the Center for Student Leadership
  Note: During phase one, this team used the name “Access, Success and Retention” but renamed itself “Recruitment and Retention” midway through the project.

CONTACT: ipulinka@kennesaw.edu


  Team Leader:
Jorge Perez, CSIS Department and CETL E-learning Fellow
Jane Barnette, Assistant Professor, Theater and Performance Studies
Tisha McCalla, Administrative Secretary of Elementary and Early Childhood Education
Martha Myers, Professor of Information Systems
Rhonda Perry, Assistant Director of Counseling
Michael Sanseviro, Director of Residence Life
Cheryl Wayne, Director of EEO and Diversity Programs
  CONTACT: jperez@kennesaw.edu  

  Team Leader:
Kathryn Epps, Assistant Professor, Accounting

Phase One Team Leader:
Ed Chan, Assistant Professor, University Studies

Premila Achar, Associate Professor, Biotechnology
Edward Eanes, Assistant Professor of Music
Nichole Guillory, Assistant Professor, Adolescent Education
Hannah Harvey, Assistant Professor, Theatre and Performance Studies
Donna Hutcheson, Assistant Director, Institutional Research & Information Management
Binbin Jiang, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership
Darlene Kluka, Professor, Physical Education
Catherine Lewis, Associate Professor, History and Women’s Studies
Ernesto Silva, Assistant Professor, Spanish
  CONTACT: kepps@kennesaw.edu