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Admissions Criteria

Applicants to the Dual Enrollment Honors Program must meet these minimum standards for admission:

  • SAT score of 1100 on Critical Reading and Math sections combined (or ACT composite score of 24)

  • SAT Critical Reading score no lower than 530 (or ACT English score of 23)

  • SAT Math score no lower than 530 (or ACT Math score of 22)

  • High school academic grade point average of at least 3.0, as recalculated by KSU, in courses used to satisfy the 17 College-Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) requirements in English, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science and Foreign Language

  • Applicants must be Juniors or Seniors on track to complete a college-prep diploma , and must be 15 years old by the first day of classes. Home school applicants must apply by submitting a portfolio (see below).

Dual Enrollment applicants are encouraged to take the national college entrance exam more than once prior to the application deadline to ensure they meet the score requirements.

Click on the link for Application Instructions for a list of the admissions documents that you must complete and submit.

Home-schooled students:
Home-schooled students seeking Dual Enrollment admission must submit their portfolio documents and application by the posted deadline. The portfolio checklist and documents can be printed here.  Please note that home schooled students affiliated with accredited and non-accredited home school centers are both eligible for Accel funding.

Home school programs or non-accredited high schools may be eligible to participate in the dual enrollment program if they meet all the regular Georgia and institutional dual enrollment requirements and can validate their on-track, Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) units in accordance with the policy of the institution to which they are applying.