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Application Instructions

Dual Enrollment Honors Program (DEHP) – Dual Enrollment is concurrent enrollment in high school and college while a high school junior or senior, and is designed for academically accelerated students. Pay careful attention to the deadlines for the Dual Enrollment Honors Program, which may differ from other applicant classifications.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Submit an application to Kennesaw State University online. This requires completing the application and submitting with a $40 application fee payable by credit card, debit card or electronic transfer.
  2. - Be sure to indicate your Entering Status as Dual Enrollment Honors student, NOT freshman.

    - Please include your Social Security number where requested on the application to avoid delays in funding.

  3. Send official SAT or ACT scores directly from the testing agency, either Collegeboard or ACT.
  4. - Test as early as possible to allow 6 weeks for Kennesaw State to receive your scores. The December 2013 test dates are the last test dates that will meet our deadline.

  5. Submit official high school transcript or homeschool portfolio.  If your school allows you to send them electronically through GACollege411.Org, please use that process.  Otherwise, a transcript can be mailed from your high school or brought into the Office of Undergraduate Admissions using the addresses listed below.
  6. Submit a Consent Form completed and signed by the student, parent/guardian, and high school counselor. Please submit this form to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions using the addreses listed below.

Application Status Check:
You may check to confirm that your documents have been received and processed by going to the undergraduate admissions homepage and clicking on the "Application Status Check" button on the left side of the screen. Documents that have been received will show the date they were processed. Any documents that have not been received or processed will be listed in red. Please note that students will not be notified by KSU if they are missing a document; it is the student's responsibility to ensure that all documents have been received by accessing the Application Status Check feature of the Admissions webpage.

Please keep in mind that transcripts and test scores can take up to six weeks to be entered into the system.

Acceptance notification:
Please allow 3-5 weeks after the receipt of all of your admissions documents for an admissions decision. Accepted students will be notified via email to their email account listed on their application materials. An official acceptance letter will follow in the mail about a week later.

NOTE: Please be sure that the applicant's name is listed consistently the same way in all admissions documents. Problems occur when some documents use legal names and others use only middle names or nicknames. Documents with different names will be assumed to belong to different people, and these files will appear to Admissions be incomplete and will not be considered for admission.

Mailing Address (US Postal Service):

Kennesaw State University
Office of Undergradute Admissions
1000 Chastain Rd. MD 9111
Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591

Attn: Romina Torres-Aranda


Delivery Address (FedEx, UPS, DHL) and Physical Address:


Office of Undergraduate Admissions

3391 Town Point Road, Suite 1000

Kennesaw, GA 30144

Attn: Romina Torres- Aranda

Important Resources:

DEHP Program
DEHP Admission Criteria
Application Deadlines
Application Status Check
Email a DEHP Admissions Counselor
Honorview Information and Registration
Tuition and Fees
DEHP Consent Form


NOTE:  All enrolling students must provide the University System of Georgia proof of immunization to the Health Clinic.  Also, all applicants who apply for in-state tuition must provide lawful presence verification.