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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check to see if my documents have been received?
You may check to confirm that your documents have been received and processed at http://www.kennesaw.edu/
. Documents that have been received will show the date they were processed. Any documents that have not been received or processed will be listed in red.

How will I be notified if I have been accepted?
You will receive an email to the email account you have listed on your application, followed by an official acceptance letter in the mail about a week later.

What courses may I take as a Dual Enrollment student?
Students may choose from a wide variety of courses in English, math, sciences, foreign languages,  economics, and social sciences, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, public speaking and human communication. With high school counselor approval, DEHP students may choose to take not only those courses needed for high school graduation, but additional college courses that will provide a greater head start on college. Students may choose from regular KSU classes or honors sections, available in selected subjects. 

How many courses may I take as a Dual Enrollment student?
The student, parent(s) or guardian(s), and high school counselor determine the number of courses the student will take. DEHP students may choose to attend KSU part-time or full-time. Full-time students take four or five courses per semester (12-17 credits hours), and typically do not attend their high schools at all. Those who earn 15 hours each semester will complete their entire freshman year of college before graduating from high school. Part-time students divide their time between 1-3 courses at KSU and courses at the high school. Note that some high schools require varsity athletes to take a minimum number of courses at the high school to maintain their athletic eligibility. The Georgia Board of Education requires that all students generate no fewer than 5 Carnegie units within a school year. Each 3-credit KSU course counts as 1 Carnegie unit.

Can I choose the days and times I come to KSU?
Yes. Dual Enrollment students have the flexibility to choose their own schedules, including morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes. Most KSU classes meet two days a week, either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday for one hour and 15 minutes. A smaller number of classes that meet three days a week, typically Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or one day a week, including Friday only and Saturday only classes, are also available. Online courses are typically not recommended for DEHP students, as attending classes on a college campus is part of the DEHP experience designed to ease the transition to college

Can Dual Enrollment students take Honors classes?
Yes. Honors sections are offered in subjects in greatest demand by DEHP and undergraduate honors freshmen.  These typically include first-year English courses, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Political Science, Economics, and some electives. Honors courses feature smaller class sizes and are taught by members of the Honors Faculty recognized for their outstanding teaching. We receive very positive feedback from DEHP students on our honors sections, and strongly encourage DEHP students to try at least one honors course. Honors classes are designated as such on students’ transcripts.

Students participating in DEHP are subject to the same attendance policies as any regularly enrolled student. Faculty members may have varying expectations regarding number of absences, tardies, and policies for late or missed work. It is the student's responsibility to familiarize themselves with each instructor’s policies, and to inform the instructor in advance if it will be necessary to miss a number of classes. Poor attendance is highly correlated with poor grades. Please note that KSU's breaks may not align with those of local school systems. DEHP students are expected to attend their regularly scheduled KSU courses during their high school breaks.

What costs must Dual Enrollment students pay?
Two state programs, Accel and Move on When Ready, provide substantial funding for dual enrollment students.

 Accel Funding: Dual enrollment students enrolled in public or private high schools or home school programs are eligible for Accel Funding.  Accel pays 100% of tuition for approved courses. Students are responsible for mandatory student fees, any lab fees, and textbook costs.  Accepted students will be given Accel application instructions at their first advising session.

Move on When Ready Act: MOWR is available only to those students who attend a Georgia public high school and who intend to enroll in no fewer than 12 credits (typically 4 classes) per semester at KSU. MOWR pays for 100% of student tuition for approved courses and 100% of mandatory student fees. Students are responsible only for textbooks and lab fees (typically $35 for science courses and $20 for English composition courses). Students should estimate $100 per course for textbooks and supplies. If students should enroll in more than 12 credits, they are responsible for paying for the additional credits. An enrollment form will be provided to students at their first advising session.

Because DEHP students have not yet graduated from high school, they are not eligible for other forms of student financial aid, and should not complete a FAFSA application.
All DEHP students are responsible for the costs of meals and transportation to and from campus.

Are Dual Enrollment courses transferable to other colleges?
All DEHP courses with a "C" or better will transfer easily within the University System of Georgia and to most public colleges and universities nationwide. Policies vary among private colleges. Please contact the institution you are planning to attend for information regarding the transfer of specific courses. 

What steps must I take to continue my enrollment at KSU following high school graduation?
Dual Enrollment students who wish to attend KSU after high school graduation must complete a re-admission application during the spring semester of their senior year. The student should select "beginning freshman" status and submit the form no later than the published deadline for fall admission. A final high school transcript showing all senior year grades and date of high school graduation must be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions following graduation. Readmission applications will be distributed by the Dual Enrollment Program.

Can a home-schooled student be in the Dual Enrollment Honors Program?
KSU values the educational experiences of home-schooled students and has a long history of working with home-schooled students in the Admissions process. A number of home-schooled students participate in the Dual Enrollment Honors Program each year. Home-schooled students must meet the same DEHP admissions standards as other students, including high school GPA and SAT or ACT scores. Home-schooled students who attend an accredited center endorsed by the Accrediting Commission for Independent Study (ACIS) or the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) may be eligible to participate in Dual Enrollment based on review of academic preparation (on track to complete CPC).

What if my Home School is not accredited?

Students attending non-accredited home school programs or non-accredited high schools may also be eligible to participate in the dual enrollment program if they meet all the regular Georgia and institutional dual enrollment requirements and can validate their on-track, Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) units in accordance with the policy of the institution to which they are applying. Home-schooled students seeking admission as dual enrolled must submit their portfolio documents and application by the posted deadline. The portfolio checklist and documents can be printed here.  Accel funding is available to home schooled students in both accredited and non-accredited programs, so long as they meet other Accel eligibility requirements.