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(1) Certification: Online Teaching and Peer Reviewer

CETL Online Teaching Certification


The Online Course Development workshop is a 2 week workshop that will explore aspects of online pedagogy, effective practices for online course design and delivery, and introduce the Quality Matters (QM) Rubric for Online and Hybrid Courses that provides a framework for designing, improving, and delivering online courses. This workshop is delivered in a hybrid format. Participants will complete synchronous and asynchronous online activities and one face-to-face session. This workshop provides the opportunity to experience online instruction from a students' perspective, complete self-paced online activities, and explore various course tools in the learning management system.

After completing this training, participants should be able to:
      • Identify the underlying principles & essential standards of the QM rubric
      • Use the Quality Matters rubric to develop and self-evaluate an online course
      • Recognize and integrate effective practices in online course design and delivery
      • Identify the KSU groups that support online learning
      • Describe the KSU online course submission and peer review processes
      • Outline a potential module to use in an online course

During this training participants will complete a live webinar, an asynchronous online component, which will be available for two weeks, and a 2.5-hour, face-to-face interactive segment.

Note: This workshop assumes working knowledge of GeorgiaView Vista, KSU’s Learning Management System. Otherwise, ITS Outreach ( provides training on GeorgiaVIEW Vista. Participants are strongly encouraged to complete the appropriate ITS training prior to attending the KSU/QM Online Course Development workshop.

CHSS Build a Web Course


The CHSS Build a Web Course Workshop is a semester-long workshop that meets eight times face to face and four times online. The workshop is designed to take participants from curious to comfortable with teaching in the hybrid or online format. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will have created, to Quality Matters standards,  half an online course or all the online components of a hybrid course.

The course covers rationale for online and hybrid teaching, pedagogy, assessment, cheating and plagiarism prevention, course design, Quality Matters, and effective use of instructional technology for content delivery. This workshop won the 2010 Sloan C Award for Excellence in Faculty Development for Online Teaching.

To apply, please visit:
Or, click to download one of the applications below:
      For CHSS faculty, CLICK HERE
      For NON-CHSS faculty, CLICK HERE

BCOE – Intensive Workshop for Faculty: Create Your Own Online Course

Goal: To provide training and support for up to 20 BCOE faculty to develop an online course that meets Quality Matters standards.

Sessions: The course is a total of 8 sessions for 3 hours each for a total of 24 hours. Typically the course meets every other week during the semester. Some Maymester or accelerated schedules are offered. Please email for additional information

Deliverables: At least ½ of a new online course or a complete new hybrid course that could pass Quality Matters criteria must be completed by the end of the course.

Session Topics: Exact topics to be announced, but will include a review of the Quality Matters (QM) process, assessing online learners, copyright issues, organizing your GeorgiaView course, developing audio and visual materials, and resources available for use in your  online course. 

Participation: The workshop will be open to all BCOE Faculty, but is limited to 20 individuals. KSU online course certification based on QM standards is available upon workshop completion. Faculty must apply and agree to conditions in order to take the workshop. Participants will receive a class binder, materials, and QM booklets/resources.

Criteria for Successful Completion of the Course and KSU/QM online course certification: Faculty must (1) attend 7 of the 8 sessions (21 of 24 hours) including the CETL sponsored KSU/QM online course certification portion, (2) participate in the workshop via discussion boards, wikis, etc., and (3) work on  your course development outside of the workshop sessions.

To apply, please complete the Google Form located at­workshop-­registration. Department head support is required. Please have your department head send an email supporting your participation in this course to Julie Moore at

To faculty in other colleges: If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please contact Julie Moore at

Peer Reviewer Training


The online course review process at Kennesaw State is an internal institutional review conducted by a team of certified peer reviewers utilizing the Quality Matters Course Review Management System. Faculty with experience designing and delivering distance education courses are paid an honorarium to serve as Peer Reviewers.

Faculty interested in certifying to become peer reviewers may do so by completing one of the following courses and attending an orientation session at the Distance Learning Center.  It is the goal of the Distance Learning Center to make the review process a positive one, while maintaining the high quality of online course design and delivery at KSU. The underlying principles of QM are continuous improvement, centered on research, collegiality, diagnostic, and collaborative outcomes.

Please visit "Become a KSU Online Course Peer Reviewer"  if you are interested in serving as a KSU/QM Faculty Peer Reviewer.

(2) Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning Workshops

Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the Classroom is a framework for designing your hybrid courses.  It incorporates many student-centered and active learning techniques.  When you flip the classroom, students are held accountable for coming to class prepared and spend quality time in the f2f class applying concepts and material.  Join us to learn about flipping the classroom and find out how to make the learning experience more enjoyable for you and your students.


Going Mobile

Cell phones are becoming ubiquitous in today’s society.  Students have access to mobile technologies easier today than ever before.  Join us for this session to discuss how to leverage mobile devices in f2f and hybrid courses.


Designing your Hybrid Course (Series)

Are you new to blended learning?  Are you scheduled to teach a hybrid course in Spring 2013?  Would you like some structured time with personalized feedback when designing your hybrid course?  This four session series will walk you through the process of designing a hybrid course, provide you with learning strategies for the online and f2f environment, and discuss facilitation issues, all while building sections of your hybrid course along the way. By registering for this workshop, you are committing to attend all four f2f sessions and complete tasks in between the f2f meetings.  This workshop is limited to 10 participants. 



(3) Distance Learning Technology Resources

Distance Learning, ITS Outreach & the Online Development Group work in conjunction to provide a bevy of resources to faculty in the areas of technical knowledge and skill, distance learning technologies, and online systems for academic use and administrative use. Our goal is to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge between the people who implement technology on campus and the people who use the technology. Prior to implementation on campus, we evaluate and test extensively new software and services from a user standpoint, to ensure that the university benefits fully from them.